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For Your Amusement: 10 Second Ninja

447d ago - Colm Ahern: "There’s been a lot of talk about corruption among the games media over the last coup... | PC

Porting 10 Second Ninja to PS4 and Vita: "It is something we would like to do"

560d ago - GR-UK writes: "During our interview with 10 Second Ninja's creator, Dan Pearce, we asked whether... | PC

Blu-ray And DVD Highlights for November 2015

Now - With the spooky month of October all but ritualistically murdered and buried in a haunted house sitting a top an ancient Indian burial ground under... | Promoted post

10 Second Ninja – Review | GamingLives

584d ago - GamingLives takes a look at the ninja-em-up robot-Hitler-beating release from GameDesignDan and M... | PC

Game Review: 10 Second Ninja - York Nouse

592d ago - “Nothing is more awesome than a ninja!” So proclaimed Robot Hitler, as the 10-Second Ninja title... | PC

10 Second Ninja Review (PC):Calmdowntom.com

595d ago - Paul resists the urge to start another level on 10 Second Ninja to lend us his thoughts on the ga... | PC

10 Second Ninja Review | Hardcore Gamer

601d ago - 10 Second Ninja is what happens when you base an entire game around the idea of a speed run. | PC

Gamer Attitude At Rezzed: BAFTA Winner Dan Pearce Chats About 10 Second Ninja

605d ago - Gamer Attitude has a chat with BAFTA winner Dan Pearce about his new game 10 Second Ninja. | PC

10 Second Ninja Review | NoobFeed

614d ago - From the review - 10 Second Ninja is as straightforward as it gets. You’re a ninja and you have t... | PC

Ready Player 2: 10 Second Ninja

615d ago - Simon reviewed 10 Second Ninja. It didn't take him 10 seconds. It will probably take more than 1... | PC

10 Second Ninja Review | RGN

617d ago - Jon of RGN writes, "10 Second Ninja is one of those great gems you find on the Steam marketplace... | PC

Battle Screen Review: 10 Second Ninja

626d ago - Battle Screen's Athene fires a shuriken into 10 Second Ninja and extracts sweet review juice. | PC

The Godcast: Season 6 Episode 30

628d ago - Posted by Team Less than twenty-four hours after his game has been released, we grab the creat... | PC

GertLushGaming Presents Our Ten Second Ninja Review

629d ago - Ninjas are cool, this is an established fact of the universe. Nazi Robots from space are not cool... | PC

Chet & Jon Episode 103: Skypemare

629d ago - 20 games in 40 minutes from veteran games writers Chet Roivas and Jon Denton. This week: glorious... | PC

Score Attack: 10 Second Ninja

630d ago - Posted by Colm Ahern Score Attack is all about completing a challenge that is set by the oppos... | PC

10 Second Ninja Review | The Indie Mine

630d ago - 10 Second Ninja will make your heart race, your palms will be constantly soaked in the sweat, and... | PC

10 Second Ninja - As We Play I Expansive

631d ago - 10 Second Ninja is a puzzle/platformer kind of a deal with an emphasis on slick execution and lig... | PC

ZPlay: Review: 10 Second Ninja (PC)

631d ago - ZOMGPlay's Review of 10 Second Ninja: "10 Second Ninja is one of those titles you wish never e... | PC

[Gamer Attitude] 10 Second Ninja Review

632d ago - [Gamer Attitude] Melissa Welliver reviews addictive platformer 10 Second Ninja. Ninja games have... | PC

10 Second Ninja Review (GodisaGeek)

632d ago - Posted by Adam Cook I promised my editor I wouldn’t swear… Coming away from 10 Second Ninja... | PC

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10 Second Ninja Preview | Codec Moments

636d ago - Dan Pearce has a pretty interesting CV. In 2010, at the age of 16, he won the BAFTA Young Game D... | PC

New 10 Second Ninja Trailer

643d ago - We have a brand new trailer for 10 Second Ninja, check it out. | PC

See the 10 Second Ninja takedown Robot Hitler’s army in these screenshots

646d ago - A bunch of screenshots have been issued for GameDesignDan and Mastertronic’s 10 Second Ninja, wh... | PC

10 Second Ninja | Gamer Attitude Preview

650d ago - You are the world’s first Ninja and you are awesome! Nazi robots from space are trying to take ov... | PC

Video Preview: 10 Second Ninja : godisageek

651d ago - Posted by Adam Cook Out on March 10th, Dan Pearce‘s 10 Second Ninja will draw comparisons from... | PC
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10 Second Ninja

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us March 5, 2014 21 Months Ago
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global March 5, 2014 21 Months Ago
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