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TANOD  +   2959d ago
well SONY has done well in 2007 even without the biggies
a 9 m/9.5m consoles sold by the end of 31st december ,2007 is definitely on cards.

as for 2008 ---SONY will rule for sure

THE GOD OF ALL GAMES ---FF13 will be unleashed in 2008 along with MGS 4.

KZ2 shunned the skeptics which doubted its graphical fidelity . KZ2 would also shun the skeptics that doubts it gameplay too

RESISTANCE 2,WARDEVIL and MOTORSTORM 2 are all coming your way in 2008.


keep dreaming BUT dont forget to witness the FF13 and MGS4 onslaughts this year

BTW do watch out for GT5's record breaking spree in EUROPE especially in 2008
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lawman1108   2959d ago | Spam
ScentlessApprentice7  +   2959d ago
Ahh Lawman...
You are the perfect example why people need to stay in school, and stay off of drugs.
tomfoolery   2959d ago | Offensive
WAR_MACHINE77  +   2959d ago
Lawman calling TANOD a tool, lol, if that isn't the pot calling the kettle black, then I don't know what is. I believe you are a little confused about when christmas comes. Christmas happens at the end of the year not spring. So read the link and keep in mind that 2nd quarter is spring.

motorstorm 2 was also announced when sony bought the studio.

I couldn't find the link but insomniac already said resistance 2 was in alpha and the title was recently copyrighted. Insomniac has kept a 1 game a year pace for 6-7 years now, so there is little reason to believe they would break trend at this point.
ScentlessApprentice7  +   2959d ago
@ tomfoolery
If Sony would have never entered the gaming market, the videogame industry would be A LOT smaller than it is right now, which in turn means that Microsoft would have never seen any financial incentive in entering the console market, which means that all those xbox games like Halo that all you xbots enjoy would not even exist.

Deny it all you want but it is a FACT that Sony and the Playstation brand expanded the industry to where it is today.
Torch  +   2959d ago
Enough already.

Your ongoing lowlife, condescending, ignorant attitude towards the universe in general strongly compels me to draw the conclusion that you are nothing more than an arrogant, camera-happy cancer who does nothing more than spread anger and hate amongst the world.

The simple fact that you continue to exist and blatantly bash innocent bystanders here on N4G, massively shatters the minuscule remainder of my already-withering faith in the rapidly diminishing integrity of this once-great website.

Do us all a favour and hit the Prozac...or better yet, a brick wall at eighty miles an hour.

I encourage you to reciprocate to your heart's content with your detailed rebuttal, which I'm certain will be filled with nothing but the same ol' usual anger, profanities, condescensions, an massive delusions of grandeur, which I'm willing to bet you find no less than beneficial to the young, ripe minds of the younger audience members of this website.

Go ahead. Because I'll be promptly joining the approximate hundred members who have chosen to ignore your sorry, pitiful ass.

Strange thing is, I could swear that I already did so long ago.

Good riddance, ignoramus.
nix  +   2959d ago
i don't care... what they need to do...

add me up: nixxerman.
PopEmUp  +   2959d ago
not this looser again, can't people just try and stop this cunt spilling sh1t out of his mouth since all this time he's eating sh1t and still lovin it
Nasim Shmee TANOD   2959d ago | Offensive
doodle  +   2959d ago
@NASIM SHMEE TANOD ----------ROUND PEG is that you?
wow u have created a counterfeit account to bash TANOD

Please everyone report him and his comments
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aba  +   2959d ago
You need to learn how to read stories like this and NOT go into f@gboy damage control mode.
We've had many stories like this about all three consoles. I read em, consider the points they make and move on. Look at the comments on here and the source page and you'll see instant damage control. Sad.
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Spinitus  +   2958d ago
@Nasim Shmee TANOD
damn Tanod must've rubbed you the wrong way to have created an account in his behave. u sir are a LOSER.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2959d ago
LOL people are so short sighted... the PS3 will do better in 2008 but it doesnt HAVE to ctach up in 2008... there are MANY years after that.

I do know one thing... if u have a Playstation 3 in the years 2008 and 2009... you are gonna have a sh!tload of fun. No one even talks abut the 2 Rockstar Exclusives... gonna be HUGEEEE

"There is nothing to worry about because in the end PS3 owners will get the last laugh."

Best quote ever. And its so freaking true. I know it is. So does Sony. And Microsft haha.
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Rice  +   2959d ago
I think sony need's to advertise more, especially with upcoming games, such as LBP, Killzone 2 and MGS4...
pharmd  +   2958d ago
im with ya bro, i love my system, got it the first day it came out, i have no complaints, i do wish they would advertise more, thats my only suggestion. they have the ultimate system and so much to offer they just have to show it to people....

bubbles up my friend!!!
UrbanJabroni  +   2959d ago
This article may be the single most grammaticaly incorrect piece of writing ever created. There may be some great points in there, although I will never know, as I gave up since poor writing tends to reflect poorly on one's opinion.

" Now, a game like Lair, that was a great game at E3 2007, when it was released it looked great (except for the occasional framerate drop), the controls felt like they where just thrown in there so you can maneuver your dragon with SixAxis (although some people got into the controls after a while, most did not)..."

Nothing brings credibility to an article quicker than ridiculously poor grammar...nothing.
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Merovee  +   2959d ago
You new here? If not, you should be used to it by now, lol :D
InMyOpinion  +   2959d ago
Another blog post. I'm outta here...
zafeiriou  +   2959d ago
"Nothing brings credibility to an article quicker than ridiculously poor grammar...nothing."

name  +   2959d ago
People need to stop acting like they're experts on everything. Sony knows what they're doing.
BloodySinner  +   2959d ago
If they did, there wouldn't have been a "price drop" from the initial $600.
lmao247  +   2959d ago
@ 5.1
they had the original price of 600$ because the system is easily worth that, and they figured they would include it all in one package. I mean you could go the xbox or wii route give a shell system and make you pay for all the accessories such as wireless connectivity, an hd-dvd drive.
Perkel  +   2959d ago
@ Bloody Sinner

Price drops are normal in electronic world smartass. They've cut production cost for a 100$ and now they dropped price It's simple :)

MS also cut prices ;) Are they losing ? No...
Sez  +   2959d ago
yeah 360 drop the price. but they didn't drop the price twice in it's first year out.(which in gaming history is unheard of)or give away with HDTV's just to move units. something sonyfanboys should think about before they start talking about how the ps3 is catching up with the 360.
playinitcool  +   2959d ago
@ 5.4
um, could that have been due to 360 not having any competition in its 1st year? where as the ps3 had 2 other cheaper alternatives?
AceLuby  +   2959d ago
Don't pretend for a second that M$ didn't do everything in its power to sell 360's too. There was a deal when Halo 3 came out at best buy that basically gave you a 360 & Halo 3 w/ the purchase of an HDTV. Also, blu ray lenses are expensive. You probably don't remember this, but when I bought my launch PS2 I spent over $400 on it and that was 7 years ago. The reason I could justify it was the inclusion of a DVD player (which weren't exactly cheap at the time). The reason I can justify my PS3 purchase is being able to watch beautiful 1080p movies as well as beautiful games. Once they get the cost of the blu lenses down the PS3's price will fall dramatically, same thing that happened w/ the PS2. Personally, I wonder how the 360 is so expesive since it's components are not that much more expensive than the original xbox.
GodofPeace  +   2959d ago
I think people likes this whoever wrote this rant is looking for a quick fix. Eventually things will fall into place

There is nothing to worry about because in the end PS3 owners will get the last laugh.
Guwapo77  +   2958d ago
This is posted in the wrong spot...

NG4 please fix your forums... Sometimes I click agree and it goes to the person I disagree with. Anywho...reposting in the correct location.
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BloodySinner  +   2959d ago
Just bring on the real exclusives (the ones with ratings over 9), Sony. That's all they need to do, seriously.

EDIT: Disagreeing with the fact it needs good KILLER exclusives in order to gain up? You truly are fools.
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tidus007  +   2959d ago
Uncharted has a 90% average
and looks much better than any x360 game

take that BOT
Ri0tSquad  +   2959d ago
Agreed. Sony needs more AAA games. I don't know why everyone is disagreeing with BloodySinner when he is simply telling the truth. Sony needs more games thats going to get people to go out and buy the PS3. Its that simple.
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Kirderf  +   2959d ago
who disagrees with this? Guess it's someone who don't want to have good games... Just want bad games... Damn that's smart.
xplosneer  +   2959d ago
The Wii didn't have any killer exclusives the first few months did it?
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m9105826  +   2959d ago
I disagree for only one reason. ANYONE who rates games based only on what scores is get is a complete fool, and a complete tool. It's as simple as that. They will miss out on so many great games, and they just make themselves look like a sheep. Bring on more great games though, I agree with that part of the statement.
Guwapo77  +   2958d ago
Wii's killer title at launch was Zelda.

I bought it and played it for all about 15mins. I seriously need to play that and SMG. But I can't seem to get of the damn PS3.
Omegasyde  +   2958d ago
But only 1 franchise (sequel) has come out mr sinner.
You are right in this case. How many franchises has sony let out however? MSFT big game has already came out! :)

Just 1 Ratchet and clank.

2008 is when Sony's "proven system sellers" come out:
Gran Tourismo, Socom 4, God of War 3, Wipeout (not the PSN title),twisted metal (08/09), tekken 6.

+MGs4 and FFXIII and versus. and new Kingdom Hearts.

Not trying to defend Sony with my dieing breath or anything, but the system has alot on the horizon in terms of franchises.

360 has ninja gaiden 2, banjo, and maybe perfect dark and Killer Instinct 3(?). KI 3 would sell bucketloads of 360s however. I shutter just thinking of a sequel to killer instinct :)

BloodySinner honestly how do you think Nintendo kept in business over the years? Known franchises is how they stayed in the game. Sony might play this card sooner or later.
name  +   2959d ago
@ bloody sinner
The 360 dropped its price how many times? And how many skus? The PS2 dropped it's price plenty of times, did they not know what they were doing then? Don't be retarded man.
BloodySinner  +   2959d ago
There was a price drop in response to Sony. Nothing else. :-/
The Karate Kid  +   2959d ago
1) In Game XMB

2) Playstation Home

3) Drop The Price To $299.99

4) Release the Big Three (Gran Turismo, Final Fantasy & Metal Gear)

5) Bundle Dual Shock In Every PS3

6) Announce first party classics (Shadow Of Colossas, Getaway, Socom 4)

7) Ensure EA gets it Right (All Sport Games 60 frames Dammit!

8) Enhance features through Firmware updates to better seperate the functionality of the console from 360's. Add features that can only be done with the PS3.

9) Release a brand of games that Fully Utilizes the SIXAXXIS feature.

10) Add in a few SCI-FI rpg / FPS to compete with microsoft. A couple of new IPS that can attract american consumers............

The Crane Kick will happen in 2008. XBOX 360 Gaurd your Face!

If you agree with my top ten, please give The Karate Kid *Bubbles*
ps3playbeyon  +   2959d ago
I think Sony is Learnin from their mistakes...they actually seem to be listening to the people..ex.dualshock 3,home,n the trophies they should do better in 08..catching up to the wii is gonna be hard maybe even impossible mainly because its cheap n its fun for little kids..but it should be able to beat the 360 next year easily...
PSWe60  +   2959d ago
I think Sony should just keep going exactly what they're doing. They've made great strides in the past 6 months. Just bring out the scheduled games in 2008 and perhaps just stop pushing the PS2.
Just keep pushing the PS3 and prove to all PS2 owners to stick with the Sony brand.
Skerj  +   2959d ago
How many of these lists do we need? The whole article is riddled with grammatical errors and the author seems pretty set on Lair. The only things valid on that list are points 5, 8, and possibly 2. The PR team have slowed down on shooting themselves in the foot. We all know the list of games that are coming out next year and there are some real gems other than MGS4 and FFXIII.

They've lowered the price of dev kits and started sharing knowledge and helping them get things together, this is evident from UT3's release. I too await Home but if the functionality from the trailers isn't up to par, then please don't release until it is. They'd be shooting themselves in the foot if they did otherwise, because they'd be instantly lambasted for releasing a shoddy product that didn't deliver at least the core features. I'm pretty sure others share that sentiment.

2008 is just going to rock anyway, I hope this is the last list we see.
TaylorB  +   2959d ago
It's pretty clear to me that the author obviously has no clear idea what he's talking about. Then again, it's a blog post so what should we expect?

I agree, this guys points are either irrelevant or not legitimate.

1: "Release a game with little to no bugs, playable etc"? Is this a joke? Shouldn't this be the goal of every single software developer? Every console suffers from this.

2. I think the too many sku's complaint is ridiculous. The 20gb was dropped because it wasn't really selling. The 60gb was dropped because it was replaced with a larger harddrive, and the 40gb was a decision to hit $400 before the holiday season.

Having different SKUs and reacting to the market in that sense is exactly what Sony should have done, and Pachter, Croal etc, have stated this. His reasoning that customers will hold off purchases is incorrect.

The worst offender is Microsoft, Arcade, Core, Premium, Elite. The core has been replaced by the arcade. At one time there were non-hdmi and hdmi versions of the premium sitting on the shelf. There's also a Halo package SKU. Falcon chipsets are also a guessing a game for many individuals. I'm sure people are still searching for certain manufacturing dates.

3. "Exclusives" Sony has the largest exclusive line up for 2008 out of the three consoles. Regardless, Sony doesn't want to buy exclusives because it's huge money out of pocket with little immediate return. There's no guarantee that if you pay several million for a game, that you'll ever recover that loss, even over the lifespan of the system. Microsoft has less qualms about this because they're building a brand, and they know that there's going to be huge losses associated with that. They're just being bankrolled by their parent company so that they can hopefully create a larger market share for the next generation after this when they will presumably be more successful.

I'm becoming a little too long winded, but I think it's fair to say that this blog post is, well, just bad.

I'd say there's only 3 things Sony needs to do for 2008:

1. Continue strengthening ties with third party software developers.
2. Re-design PSN asap with better friend-tracking, in-game chat, etc a' la XBL.
3. Maintain competitive in price point.
Zhuk   2959d ago | Spam
alster23  +   2959d ago
i think sony is doing everything on that list except the 3rd one and the 7th one.
skyline2003  +   2959d ago
Not going to happen..
Sony is not going to catch up in a yr. The would have to sell a hell of alot of consoles to do that. Sony prally will catch up but it will be more of 2-3 yrs down the line. Xbox 360 had a yr/6mill head start. Sony will NEVER catch the WII but who cares. To me, the WII is more for a family console which is why it sells so much. You will never see games like GOW, Halo, Uncharted, and COD4 on the WII. If you do, it will be tuned down.

Audience A(family n kids) = Wii
Audience B(true gamers) = XBox360/PS3
nasim  +   2959d ago
what a dreamer
PS3 has already caught the x360 in EU and JAPAN. you think anyone would even purchase a x360 in 2008 even in NA
Baba1906  +   2959d ago
i dont think it will "cath up" in 2008. at least not the wii. but it will do even better than this year. im just happy to see ff13 somewhere in 2008 i hope. thats the game im most excited about in the coming years. i also think that the 360 will do very good. thats why i dont see a cathing up so soon.its not like the 360 will just stop selling on the first of january 2008 and there are some interesting games coming for 360 too. but it wont be as shiny as the years 2006/2007 for the 360.

anyway go go go gaming world we are ready for some amazing stuff in 2008 couse this is the generation of gaming. =D
gogators  +   2959d ago
Sony has really been pushing strong this fall,
just keep with the smart and impressive ad campaign. Sony's brand name and games will bring people in. I can only hope 2008 will be as fulfilling gaming wise as 2007 was. Happy New Year everyone.
Bladestar  +   2959d ago
It took the wii selling at a are of 10/1 wordwide to catchup to the xbox 360 one year... and you Sony fanboys expect the PS3 to do the same selling 10-20K more than the xbox 360 a month? not constantly since there is being time like when Halo 3 was released that the gap grew even larger.... remember Sony needs to start selling at least 500,000 units more than the xbox 360 a month! to catchup in 1 year... not 20K....

That means that if the xbox 360 sells 500,000 units this month... the PS3 needs to sell 1,000,000... and if the xbox 360 sells 50,000 the PS3 needs to sell 550,000.... get the idea? Dreamers? It's just not realistic... and don't confuse the numbers... with xmass numbers... after Jan... consoles in general will drop... by a lot...
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i_like_ff7  +   2959d ago
Not gonna catch up in 08. too fast. 08 ps3 lineup does own 360's and wii's lineup easily. dunno about catching up that fast...
Close_Second  +   2959d ago
What about the GTAIV Effect???
If the 360 version is superior what impact will that have on console and software sales. The same applies if the PS3 version is superior.

@Below: I have not tried to imply that the 360 version will be superior. What I have tried to imply is that GTAIV is going to be the first real benchmark between the two consoles. COD4 was pretty much a dead heat. However, its long been touted that GTAIV could really benefit from Blu-Ray or might the PS3 version be held back by limitations of the DVD format????

If a title like GTAIV is pretty much identical on both platforms then it only makes it harder for gamers to decide on which console to buy. I am hoping that GTAIV really shines on one platform or another...not both.

Oh yes, finally, I didn;t even mention DLC so why did everybody assume thats what I was using to differentiate the two versions? I don't care about DLC at this stage. If the PS3 version really outperforms the 360 version then the DLC will mean squat. However, if the two versions are identical then DLC will help to differentiate the 360 from the PS3 version.
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alster23  +   2959d ago
the only good thing the 360 version of gta4 has is DLC
WAR_MACHINE77  +   2959d ago
In my opinion the DLC for the 360 version isn't going to impact sales as much as people would like to believe. Casuals seem to love GTA4 and the cold hard fact of the matter is they don't read gaming sites or mags so there is little chance they are even going to know about it.
m9105826  +   2959d ago
I've bought each GTA (back to the very first one) and I've never ACTAULLY played one more than I needed to get to all of the areas. I think DLC is overrated, as theres always been enough game there on it's own to keep me coming back. Seriously, in GTA 3, I can't overstate how much fun it is to stand on the top of the building opposite of Luigi's with a rocket launcher and just go to town for like an hour. *waits for FBI to come knocking on the door*
Hydrollex  +   2959d ago
GTA IV superior on 360 ?
When you put +20GB game on a 9GB, do you want it to be superior ? Yes
alster23  +   2959d ago
gta 4 may be one of the last R* game to hit the 360. i expected la noire to be on the 360 but it turns out that R* wants quality games now. quality is found in the ps3. its ready for the future.
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ChefDejon  +   2959d ago
360 lead
is only because of the headstart it isnt like the ps3 and 360 launched at the same time and it just dusted it.
ScentlessApprentice7  +   2959d ago
ChefDejon isn't it amazing how some xbox fanboys are either too stupid to realize that fact or are just happy enough to bask in their own deliberate ignorance.
power of Green  +   2959d ago
name #8
LOL Name some companies that dropped the price of their console 3 times in one year not to mention releasing SKU's in a confused manner rather than just releasing different SKU's(20gig/80gig/60gig/40gig oh sh*t I'm confused I'm sure you know the order?).

PS3 can not sell 1 million units a month lowl. Who approves this sh*t? its like people come up with these PS3 feats as if the 360 won't sell one console next year and Sony's sales will some how more than double at the same time.

Sony fanboys fight over some stupid ass sh8t day in and day out. Its always PS3 is going to kill its competition when this comes out PS3's going to dominate durring this launch.

tidus007, now go buy the game and the PS3 for that matter.
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sanjay09  +   2959d ago
it probably want overtake 360 until mid 09 but it will come close to the 360 by end of 08 please take bubbles away from zhuck and power of green
power of Green  +   2959d ago
sanjay09 lol
Nah the 360 will be long gone due to the 360 being in the mass consumer price range.

Are you sure you wan't to take my bubbles?, I get a new account if you do.

Please take this guys bubbles he's basing his comments from wishful thinking and fanboyism.
harv052  +   2959d ago
And how many "confusing" SKUs does the XBOX360 has??
PirateThom  +   2959d ago
PS3: 20gb, 40gb, 60gb, 80gb
360: Core, Arcade, Pro/Premium, Halo 3, Elite
m9105826  +   2959d ago
If you look at it it makes sense. It was 20/60 first, and they upped each by 20 Gigs to 40/80. If you go back and watch the original E3 presentation and read the reports from around that time, you'll find that this was planned all along. They specifically talked about releasing new versions with upgraded specs. In fact, I'm almost sure you remember it, XBox fans flipped a sh!T saying that Sony would release new SKU's with overclocked Cell and more memory, when all Kaz meant was new HDDs.
bootsielon  +   2959d ago
I disagree
I think Sony has to keep shuffling the SKUs, releasing new colors, and so on in order to keep the momentum going. There has never been a point where you could say "oh I got screwed for not waiting", especially since you can upgrade with any 3rd party HDD.

Also, most of the buggy games are 3rd party, not 1st party. Lair isn't a buggy game, it's just plain... bad, or at least the control scheme is irritating. It was intended to be like that, it's not a bug.

I doubt Bioshock and Ace Combat will be exclusives. They're probably just timed exclusives.

Point 4 is already a reality (COD4), point 5 to 8 are becoming a reality, and point 9 is subjective.
Vulcan Raven  +   2959d ago
According to the article 7.7 Million for Ps3, 14 something million 360's, so that is pretty sweet for a more expensive console. Everyone thinks that it is going to catch up next year is naive. I like the fact that my ps3 will produce new innovative games for the next 7 years or so. I do appreciate the fact that the Wii is kicking as$, that is awesome. wii sales represent the fact that graphics are not a godsend for video games but they do help.
DFresh  +   2959d ago
Sony is already fixing up on these things already
I see big thiings happening for Sony in 2008 and on.
They have managed to win the format war against Toshiba with their HD DVD technology.
There's a big reason why some of these games on the PS3 were delayed.
Kojima Productions: Metal Gear Solid 4
1. Combining 2 games into 1 (MGS4 + MGS Online = new experience)
2. Release in a less competitive month.
I didn't come out on in December because that was a hard month to compete with because of too many games going back and forth couldn't tell who would get noticed. Got pushed back to June from March for one reason only the release of Killzone 2.
Haze is coming out soon
Unreal Tournament 3 originally was supposed to come out in November but was delayed to December why?
Because Epic wanted to add more mods to the game (aka more online matches and connectivity).
It was good when they waited because in return the PS3 version compared to the other formats has an open network which makes it better for online which is what they wanted.
Just because a game gets delayed doesn't mean it's a bad thing only an improvement.
Sony still sales with 9 million and the year isn't even over yet so how can people say they're doing bad.
360 sold 6.5 million it's 1st year compared to 9.5 million to PS3 which equals 3 million more units sold plus if you add up PSP and PS2 sales your talking big numbers.
It's only going to get better and better.
Apocalypse Shadow  +   2959d ago
more like "what eight things microsoft needs to do to stay competitive".
1.get 360 fanboys to cry more for ps3 exclusives.or get microsoft to make games that copy sony's genre crossing style.

2.get square to release FF and VS on 360 to stop sony momentum.

3.get konami to push kojima to release mgs4 simultaneously on 360.

4.promote the h#ll out of gta4 exclusive content to sway new system buyers that like mature content from staying away from ps3.

5.spend LOTS more money buying HD-dvd backers.that 150 million spent seems to not even make a dent in bluray sales.

6.stop copying nintendo and sony on system a leader,and not a follower,you must come up with new innovative ideas.not back down and copy 1080p,hdmi,larger hdd,wiimote and sixaxis controls(love that high velocity bowling.who would have thought?),HOME,and play-create-share ideas MM came up with for sony and LBP.

***is microsoft the leader?or follower claiming to be the leader and facing the other way thinking they're first in line?*** feel free to use the mag lev exclusive quote. dec 30 2007

7.sell more consoles in year three than year go from 10 million consoles sold in year 1 to just over 4 in year 2 is not good.either year one sales were a lie.or microsoft momentum has slowed.which is it fanboys?

8.make a better system that works.and make real games that draw the casual gamer.and not just the shooter fanatics.

maybe then they will have a chance and end up in second place and not third by march 2009.

mag lev........................... ...
Xbox is the BEST  +   2959d ago
@ 26 and 27
So you guys say that PS#3 sold 9 million first and only 4 games cracked a million. 360 sold 6.5 million 1st year and 9 games sold over a million 1st year. And 2 of the top 4 selling games on PS#3 are shooters. Blu Ray FTW
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HCS  +   2959d ago
DFresh and mag lev
Where are your sources of 9 million sold, and 6.5 of xbox 360?

Did u pull it out of your ass?

Ps3 and Wii are pulling impressive numbers, but neither one of them are making me play it more.

and uncharted didn't copy gears of war and tomb raider? give me a freaking break dude. SONY copies too, WTF are you talking about? Everyone that has a half decent idea is recycled across the whole industry it's how business works. None of you people would be able to manage a company.

Square, Enix and Konami are certified to make 360 games, im sure microsoft can talk to them into making something(infinite undiscovery and the last remnant, star ocean 4, silent hill 5 etc). All they really needed was EA and Activision, and they do.

and who introduced the "rumble", nintendo, it look's like sony is a follower too.

After playing on PSN network, sony has alot of catching up to do. I'll stick to XBL for sure and HOME??????? LOL copying ACHIEVEMENTS and putting it in a SIMs like world.

and little big planet aint going to shake the world fanboys, mark my words.
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Shadow Flare  +   2959d ago
Good list actually
And i agree mostly. There are alot of ps3 products that appear finished so just bring them out man. Im mainly thinking of LittleBigPlanet, i have no idea why its delayed, unless theyre trying to get the rights for personal ingame music, like youtube had to. Home is another one, but id want them to get that right before releasing. As for exclusives, ps3 has many brilliant exclusives for 2008, its gonna be a dream year for sony. And as for the psn, its fine. Why complain? Online gaming works better than Live
alster23  +   2959d ago
maybe ps3 games are being delayed because of rumble
ChefDejon  +   2959d ago
name a console that has had higher of an defective rate than the 360
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Xbox is the BEST  +   2959d ago
I had 2 that was defective, my brother's was defective. Remember Sony had to revamp the motherboard for the PS#2 like 14 or 15 times just to get it right. Wiki it
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