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Legionaire2005  +   1759d ago
Its a good game but its a carbon copy of Call of Duty and Halo with buggy A.I. That Producer overhype this game so much that he even talk trash about other games. And I still think Halo is a better game. At least Halo took full advantage of vehicles unlike this game. Crysis 2 vehicle is too stiff and unrealistic. when you throw a bomb at the vehicle it does not blow up everything into pieces like the ones in all the Halo trilogy. This Producer talk as if this game was the savior to FPS!!! Well I was just disappointed that its not a great game, but just a good game. Online has some issues too when people quit or join. sooner or later this game will be overshadow by Brink, Resistance 3, Morden Warfare 3, and Battlefield 3. Don't expect this game to get Game of the year, even close to Uncharted 3.
teething  +   1759d ago
AI has been patched. Pretty good now.
Legionaire2005  +   1759d ago
a patch for the consoles too right or PC?
teething  +   1759d ago
Both i think. 360 is what i run.
thatboytim  +   1758d ago
Yeah the AI is very poor on the single player.
madpuppy  +   1759d ago
Personally, I could care less about hype, I read some reviews, watched some videos and it looked like a game I would like to play.

regardless, the game is fun with an ok story and a nice, long campaign.

It's funny people call it a copy of COD because I cannot stand COD and I am thoroughly enjoying Crysis 2.
Quagmire  +   1759d ago
pretty much this
throw_this_away  +   1758d ago
I have to agree with you.

My only issue with multiplayer is that I am a 360 user... and I had most of my fun with the demos. When the game came out I did single player, and did not much care for multiplayer.
solidworm  +   1759d ago
Its ordinary,generic,a rip off and the graphics aint half as good as we were led to believe so after the smoke as cleared all i can see is a tramp shuffling away into the distance mumbling incoherent words to himself.
KingPin  +   1759d ago
hmmmmm, this is proof that reviews are a waste of time and why gaming journalism is rubbish.

Journalists shouldnt be caught in the hype. they should give an honest review. not be caught in the hype, review a game, give it perfect scores like it deserves it and then 2 months later review the game again honestly and now tell us the bad points and that the game shouldnt receive the perfect score it was previously given it instead deserves only to be a 7/8.
MysticStrummer  +   1759d ago
Funny how reviewers get caught up in the the hype with some games and give them higher scores than they deserve. Other games get nit picked to death and scored lower than they deserve. I don't like to think it's due to bribery, but there is certainly something wrong on the journalism side of the gaming industry.
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teething  +   1758d ago
I think the average of reviews is spot on. I never bother with the best or worst reviews... Always biased.
Qin73  +   1759d ago
Worth a playthrough, not worth 60$ imo. It could have used another 6 months in development. I liked seeing that they patched the absolute putrid Ai bugs.... next step, PATCH THE DAMN WEAPONS THAT DONT SHOOT. How do you make a FPS when some weapons occasionaly bug!? That was a first for me in any FPS.
Ninja-Sama  +   1759d ago
The MP for PC doesn't even work properly up to now. Hackers are running rampant, there are numerous connection issues, and some perk resets are STILL not addressed.

Waste of money.
thatboytim  +   1758d ago
Single player is good, but a slow starter I think.

Multiplayer is a mess - lag and hit detection is all over the place on PS3 IMHO.
throw_this_away  +   1758d ago
Sadly this is part of why PC gaming is dying.

Why develop for a system when users will first pirate your game and release it for free a few weeks before release, cutting into sales.

Then they hack the shit out of it and complain that multiplayer is unusable.

Then the publicly badmouth your product for having hacked multiplayer.

Then they badmouth you again for not wanting to develop for PC in the future.

Hacking and pirating is on all systems... but it is far worse on PC. Crysis 2 is great on 360.

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