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fr8gx0rl  +   1270d ago
i read somewhere on here about people using 3d hypersound speakers with 3d games are those real?
percificate  +   1268d ago
yes! i've seen them before, they are friggin awesome!! just wait for them to drop, i'm sure they'll review them here soon.
BuryYourHead707  +   1270d ago
Everyone here has, for some reason, forgotten that 60. Million people ALREADY own a PS3. Of course people won't buy a Ps3/Vita Over a Wii U, but they don't have to. Most just need the Vita.

So Sony is taking no risk because they don't have to restart their install base. The outcome of this situation cant hurt the PS4, wether bad or good because Sony isn't banking on this feature to sell product. It can help if it's a success, but it won't hurt if it flops because their is little investment in software updates compared to a new hardware generation based on this feature. The PS3 doesn't have to sell for the Vita to sell and vice versa, so one isnt reliable on the other. Also the Vita is standalone. YOU ARE NOT buying a 250$ controller. You're buying a next gen mobile gaming system that is playable anywhere and is online capable. Some people are using the argument of getting a new System ( Wii U) over a "copied" controller. The PSVita is a new system!!! With its own library of games that, albeit small now, will expand rapidly as shown via gamescon. Also if the Wii U has to process both screens and is only barely eclipsing the ps3 in terms of power, then obviously the two independent platforms communicating(ps3/Vita) should be able to handle more if not the same amount as the Wii U.

If the Wii U doesn't sell enough this could effect the next Nintendo. This is a dedicated system that is hoping that it's special feature of dual screens at home will sell. Unfortunately Nintendo might not be so lucky this time as Sony and MS both called them out on their "innovation" with Smartglass and Vita.

Now of course there are Nitendo-only games so SmartGlass and Sony wont get the full Wii U experience, but that also means Nintendo won't get the full Sony/MS experience either.

If you like Nintendo Games get a Wii U. If you like the concept of the Wii U, but don't particularly care for Nintendo games, buy a Vita now and get the same experience from a technical aspect, and in 1-2 years when the PS4 drops expects the cross compatibility of the Vita/PS4 to greatly surpass that of the Wii U's capability.

And before the **** starts spewing from your fanboy/troll mouths, know that I HAVE owned all three and even though PS3 is my preference, if I owned a badass PC I'd say **** all consoles.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1269d ago
until sony consistently release games that use the vita in conjunction with the PS3 its a moot point.

from before the PSP was even released Sony were touting its PS3-compatibility and how it would be used as an extra controller for the PS3. one of the very first things they showed was using a PSP as a rear vision mirror for a F1 PS3 game.

fast forward 7 years and not a single PSP game was EVER released that worked in conjunction with the PS3.

now sony come out and make all these claims AGAIN - PS1 support for the vita, remote play, cross-play - and its taken 9 months after release for PS1 support, no remote play yet, and no cross-play yet. yet somehow people are falling for it all over again. ill admit i bought my PSP thinking that it'll be awesome to use it as an additional screen/controller for the PS3. fool me once...
NotSoSilentBob  +   1269d ago
"fast forward 7 years and not a single PSP game was EVER released that worked in conjunction with the PS3."

Think you forgot about LAIR, GT5&GTPSP, and quite a few others. But your fanboy goggles seem to get in the way of you actually seeing reality.
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