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Oh yeah! Gimme please!

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Wow, theyre really changing it up. Differences I saw just in the video...
>The sniper is now semi automatic with 4 shots before reload.
>Boom shield spins to kill enemies.
>Your chainsaw does not go down when you are shot.

Definitely looks faster paced. Im actually surprised and excited with how much they are changing it up. Looks like a whole new game. In a good way!

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To be fair I think Halo Wars, ODST, and Anniversary were the side dishes too the main Halo course. But yeah, I can't see myself playing Halo 4 for another 2 years.
But hey, I just started playing Reach again last week and I'm addicted. So I won't put it past the abilities of 343. I say give me your best shot, 343.

Edit- For the lazy:

Halo 1: 2001
Halo 2: 2004
Halo 3: 2007
Halo Reach: 2010
Halo 4: 2012

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Just make her a lesbian and you'll have the most progressive game of the century.

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8200 dpi... Wow, now I can choose what eyelash to headshot people in! Seriously though, that precision is impressive.

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Sounds like an improvement to me...

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I heard in one of the interviews I think, that in co-op, one person is Isaac and one person is a projection of his insanity. That way they are keeping the immersion and realism of the series while allowing for two players. And I think thats a good way to do it, if they are going to do it at all. At least it shows they value the story as well. Imo.

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When they said they were taking CoD "back to its roots" the first thing I thought was they would be bringing back the 3-5-7 kill streaks. I really hope that's the case. No more of that 10+ overpowered crap. Keep it simple and the same for everyone.

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Does this game have anything to do with the SCP series? I assume it does, and thats awesome. I have spend so many hours reading these things. Awesome entertainment.
SCP-087 really seems scary as hell. Good premise for a game.

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Holy crap. I thought this article was about a 3.5/10. A 3.5/5? Who cares?! That's frickin' decent. Above average even. This shit happens everytime a big game comes out and it never means anything. Whatever.

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Saying Gears of War has bad dialogue is like saying Tetris has bad character development. Uh... that's not why people play the game.

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Actually... I love this explanation.

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The phrase "Don't judge a book by its cover", comes to mind.

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Good article. I didn't know how Kinect was being implemented, but Skyrim looks to be the first game that really gets it right... Mostly by not using it though. It was smart to just use voice commands.

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Don't be *that* guy... This is just human kindness.

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Mysterio from Spiderman 2 takes the cake. He is introduced like any other character and three huge bars of health fill up... then wham... one punch and you win. Fun stuff.

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I man I hope this isn't true. It looked so cool from the screenies! I mean, just watch the trailer. Looks awesome...

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Everyone deserves a second chance.

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My guess is since they basically rewrote the entire engine for Halo 4, they now have a lot of coders sitting around doing nothing while artists and level designers are finishing up. Makes sense to send them off to do some next gen work. And that's good to hear, if Halo 5 launches with the NextBox, I hope it takes full advantage of the new tech.

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Wow, just picked Crackdown up a couple days ago for 4 bucks. Very timely article. After 4 or 5 hours its already been way worth it. Funny article and SOOO true.

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