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Removed everything that made Switch a Switch. Might as well call this Vita 2.

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"Even if YOU disabled the Facebook Game Event Sharing feature a while back, Sony has re-enabled it and is now spamming YOUR Facebook wall with adverts to games YOU play."

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"Ever since I received my PS4, I disabled these features as many others did but it seems Sony enabled it again without any consent from its users."

Huh? Sony can't magically link PSN accounts to Facebook. That has to be done intentionally by the PS4 user. So the author obviously linked his Facebook account only to immediately disable all the features, which are the reasons for linking in the first place? Sounds fishy to me.

1248d ago 21 agree3 disagreeView comment've just added to his relevance by letting him trigger you so easily.

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if it were stupid business no one would do it, but plenty do regardless of platform.

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Not fallen behind. Left behind.

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GOG is owned by CD Projekt and that is the only reason Cyberpunk 2077 is available for sale there. The vast majority of games are not offered on GOG because of its policy against DRM. So let's not pretend GOG is competition to Steam. It simply is not.

"Devs can release anywhere in they want most choose not too, epic are the ones telling Devs they cant. "

Wrong. Games that are exclusive to Epic are so because the devs CHOSE to make the d...

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So Epic is paying devs to put their games on the Epic Store first and then taking a smaller cut of the game revenue than Steam. Yep. That's pretty much what you would have to do to become relevant in the face of a damn near monopoly like Steam. And even with all that, Epic is still light years from having the PC games market to itself.

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I stand corrected on the attach rate. But the fact remains that the software numbers of Wii were boosted tremendously by Wii Sports, Wii Play, Wii Fit, etc. Wii was a casual's console.

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"If a console has games you want, you buy it."

The Wii's attach rate was abysmal so I guess that proves my point. Whatever you want to believe about preferred hardcore gamer consoles....fine, the Wii wasn't it.

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No, it wasn't even close. Days Gone was a much better game than Crackdown 3. But neither game was bad.

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"Communists" breaking all their own rules yet again. George Orwell nailed it.

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Says "Sophisticated_Chap" . lol

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Sure it was. Not sure why that is a problem though. It sold remarkably well for a while. But let's not pretend the Wii was the preferred console of the hardcore gamer last gen. That was simply not the case. When the craze with casuals ended, Wii sales dropped to nearly nothing.

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Your point? Physical media ownership extends to just that: the media itself. You are still purchasing a license for the software itself. can do whatever you want with that physical media just like any other object you have purchased. But the software has many of the same limitations that a digital license has. The advantage of physical media is the ability to resell or trade the game disc.

"With a physical disc one can own the disc with less restrict...

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The minimum wage in China just increased to $322 a month. That is $1.80 in a 40 hour work week. If you want to believe that nonsense about skills from Tim Cook then go right ahead. Companies were always attracted to China's low cost labor. The rise in costs in China is the reason why companies are looking to leave. Apparently all tho...

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"Microsoft has basically been selling their hardware at a loss ALL GEN."

Not based on cost of the hardware, no.

Microsoft Xbox One Hardware Cost Comes in Below Retail Price, IHS Teardown Reveals

Microsoft has small profit margin on Xbox One h...

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"Okay and 1080p is still the dominat resolution of TV's/monitors out there so should the PS5 only aim for 1080p? I expect atleast some level of future proofing in the hardware so telling me that it hits standards that ended up being dramatically raised within 1 or 2 years of it's launch is not a good sell. "

Then you should buy a gaming PC. The console market has never been about putting up the high end components. The mid-grade PC is what you are going...

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"The PS4 and Xbox One were definitely weaker than they should've been"

Maybe on the CPU side, but PS4 was capable enough for a 1080p console which, at the time, was the dominant TV resolution. Xbox One not so much. The common denominator across this gen for all consoles, however, has been the weak CPU. Hopefully MS and Sony do not repeat that mistake.

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"But if the Xbox Anaconda is priced below the PS5..."

Why would anyone make this assumption? MS has shown they are not going to take a loss on hardware.
Reference: Xbox One ADE at $250.

If the power of Anaconda is what some believe then it makes more sense to assume it will cost more than PS5, not less. These two consoles are built using the same AMD architecture. The only way to get an advantage in price is either implement low...

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