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I upgraded to the PS4 Pro, Got a Samsung 55" Curved LED 4k HDR Tv and there is a huge difference. Playing Battlefield 1 is so awesome with this setup.

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I am loving this game. I have to spend my free time wisely these days. I am an artist too, so dividing time between drawing and playing this game is hard!

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How can I properly thank the mods for keeping this awesome site running for so many years?

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Favorite console of all time must be the NES. I grew up with it and have so many fond memories of playing with my friends.

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Who cares, it's Uncharted 4. It will be amazing no matter the resolution or FPS. When will N4G stop being a fanboy battleground? I used to participate in the "war" but it got old. Just get all the consoles and have fun... and still make fun of the PC

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I have a fairly large library on my PS4 and my Xbox One. I am usually playing one or two games at a time and the PS4 leaves those games right in the front of the horizontal bar. Maybe I just haven't messed with my Xbox one enough to set up it properly. I don't have as much time to game as I used too. I have a full time job, a kid and a marriage to tend to. I get maybe an hour or two a night free for gaming. I am also an artist so I need time for that too.

The day jus...

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I love my xbox one but the dashboard is too cluttered. Even with this new update it is still a giant mess. I gotta give it to the PS4, it is simple yet very effective with it's UI.

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The writer of this article seems really mad about this game. I played and beat it on the WiiU and am currently enjoying it again on the PS4. If he has died 10 times already he needs to go about this game a bit differently.

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This looks so good!

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How funny would it be if they made it a Dreamcast exclusive.

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It was time a year ago.

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Startropics obviously.

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Bubble........................ .................Bobble

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Lol, haven't touched Hardline since Bloodborne came out.

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Meesa like Bloodborne.

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I feel the same way about Majora's Mask. Meh...

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GTA VIce city

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Glad they mentioned Yavin IV is a moon, not a planet. It is the 4th moon of Yavin, a gas giant planet. Jesus, the Star Wars nerd in me has to die some day, right?

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I came here just to read the comments. You guys didn't let me down. The Last of Us is a freaking masterpiece. The author certainly has a right to their opinion though.

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