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I had a 360 day one as well, I still have my receipt. You can't tell me that COD 2 looked and played like crap. That game was the best launch game and it's graphics blew away anything we had seen on consoles previously. Kameo looked pretty sweet as well.

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I like this. These would be great things to fix on the Wii U. Mainly the friend request one.

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Apple is garbage.

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The problem is that they did not integrate the Wii's eshop with the Wii U's eshop. If I want to go and buy virtual console games I have to open up the Wii app and go into the eshop from there. While it's great I still have access to the old games, it's a pain in the ass to get to it.

I would rather have one eshop to visit for all of my game purchases.

Edit: I just realized I only repeated what most of you already said. Oh well...

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It is in game but it from an alpha build I think. I don't expect to be amazed by this game but I do hope for at least a decent zombie killing experience.

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It was confirmed it was a fan made trailer.

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Mine is Mickey Mouse cutting Donald Ducks head off with a lightsaber.

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Don't forget to add the 720's exclusives to that list when they are announced this coming summer.

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I have special eyes.

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They were semi automatic weapons. 2 Handguns, a Glock and a Sig (not sure of model #'s) and a Bushmaster Ar-15. Learn about guns and why they are not evil and you will be a better person. The blame lies on the shooter, not the tools he used.

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I was 11 when the SNES came out, I feel old.

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Who do you voodoo bitch?

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This game is great. Most sites reviewed it as a FPS and not a survival horror game. It is difficult, has a creepy and suspenseful atmosphere and is fun as hell. The graphics are not the best I have seen but they are still good. The rain effects on the other hand are gorgeous.

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I was playing last night and was wondering where the hell it went. Now I know. Seems stupid they would have removed it it in the first place, what would they even gain by that?

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Game Informer gave it a 5/10...

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even cold November rain...

Sorry, it had to be said.

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They missed the funnest one this gen, GTA IV's swingset glitch.

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That's some good stuff right there.

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