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That is exactly what I do... most of the time. I just sold my copy of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City on Ebay for $45. I beat it once, tried the atrocious versus mode and then promptly sold it. Gamestop would have only given me $18 for it.

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I do.

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I'm so ready for next gen. I got my 360 on launch day and a PS3 shortly after it's launch. They are both old and outdated. I want more!

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The ending made sense to me. It gives you three choices. Based on the character you played, pick the one that fits you best. I chose to destroy the reapers and all synthetics.

I'll probably play again to see the other 2 endings.

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An exclusive Vita GTA would be awesome. Maybe San Andreas Stories?

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That's exactly the same way I feel about GTAIV. You and I are on the same page me thinks. Bubble for you!

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I must admit, I love the smell of a newly opened game. New plastic smells good too.

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No, it is bad. This is my review I left in the N4G forums.

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Yeah, I have this game, it's no 9.2/10. The game is pure garbage, I wasted 800MS points on it.

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Don't do it man. I bought it tonight and the game is utter garbage. I agree with IGN.

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Ok, I checked with and it is a widespread issue. I'm guessing they are slowly releasing the update to prevent server overflow... I guess? Maybe? Anyway, it will be up tomorrow I'm sure. No BF3 tonight. :(

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I can't even connect to xbox live to download it. WTF? It keeps telling me there is a problem with my connection. Obviously it is working if i'm typing this on an internet site.

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I'm in Belton but drive through KCMO and Grandview very often. It's getting really bad here. Unfortunately I cannot respond anymore because I was bubble raped for some reason.

To the people that don't understand conceal carry:

I live in America, the land of freedom. I should not have to submit to any criminal. I carry a gun for defense only. If you pull a gun on me, I want a chance to defend myself. I'm not going to lay there and wait to d...

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I live in Kansas City. I have been robbed at gunpoint 3 times, twice in kansas city. This is the reason I got my concealed carry permit. I carry a pistol everywhere I go, too many piece of shit criminals out there.

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I'm canceling my preorder now. Did you see how blurry the graphics were?

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I canceled my preorder as soon as I saw the 8/10. If a game doesn't get 10/10 or 5/5 from every reviewer, I don't bother playing it.

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Jesus people, if you are so concerned with BF 1943 why didn't you buy it when it came out over a year ago?

BF3 doesn't need some small 3 map arcade game packed in to make it awesome.

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Yes, Illinois is the nazi state in the U.S.. Sorry you guys can't get a CCW permit there. Illinois is the ONLY state in this country that you cannot legally carry a concealed weapon in.

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Good god man, go out and get a bigger HDD! At least get one of those 16gb sandisk usb flashdrives.

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