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umm..I think the Lite version of the mod doesn't mess with the character models. So, Alex should remain the same

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Developers always say good things about their PS3-version of games b4 they come out. But, when the actual game comes out, it usually isn't a pretty picture.

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Crytek just lied. Can't blame them: Bioware sort of did the same thing with PS3 Mass Effect 2. They just want to hold off the bad press for as long as possible for game sales.

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"They are betting the farm on PSP2 as they expect handhelds to displace consoles."

Keep dreaming, Sony.

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it's best to wait for Digital Foundry or Lens of Truth to do their respective analysis b4 coming to a decision
Digital Foundry said the PS3 version has a lower framerate than the 360. Bioware didn't even use the extra space on the bluray disc. Both versions are the same size. Bioware just plain lied about it being the best version yet or whatever....

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Patcher said there won't be another XBOX............

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Since ID Software & Bethesda Game Studios are now own by the same company, there is a chance that Elder Scrolls V will use ID Software's new RAGE engine

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"Japanese creators try to express the game's environment through beautiful artwork, but western developers use technology to draw out the environment. The Japanese make the models and textures carefully to create a world. "

You mean like when Square Enix copies and pastes objects to create their world???

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I would have to go with Square: Even though Capcom's RE5 was not as good as the previous game, it didn't totally go down the toilet like Square has

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"The reason is simple: they are trying to cater to the western market."

If that is true, then why is Bethesda Game Studios, BioWare, & Blizzard's RPGs so good?

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Square just can't compete in the new era of Western MMO/RPG domination.

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Everyone better hope both Microsoft & Sony keep their respective gaming operations going. The more competition the better....

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the PS3's less powerful GPU is really hurting for Dead Rising 2

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WOW, auto aim ruins this game: just walk around and hit a button and your enemy dies.

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This is one thing I have always hated the XBOX over: no-free online play

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The PS3 version will probably look even worse, considering that they never show the PS3 version much at all

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Killzone 3 and Gran Turismo now comfirmed as retail sells flops................

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You can just rent or borrow someone's disc.

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Some games have files larger than 4 gigabytes on their respective blu-ray discs. The PS3 can only function with hard drives formatted in the FAT32 file format, which has a max file size capability of only 4 gigabytes. If developers start making their games with at least 1 file larger than 4 gigabytes on the disc, then there is no way one can copy/pirate their game.

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works on any PS3

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