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Well yes you would have got disagrees and do you know why ? are you ready for a life changing epiphany ?

You and others saying it sucks is an opinion, not a fact, reviews are ranging from 5 through to I belive 9.5 that is basically split down the middle, so you see some people don't think it sucks hence the disagrees, I would personally give it an 8.

Now someone who would give it more or less than that can disagree because it is an opinion.

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Well plenty of people like it and since you saying it sucks is simply an opinion and not a factual statement, that really doesn't make you right.

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Awe how cute, people disagree with the haters and they don't like it

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Grow up

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Tbh I get the impression its both Xbox & PS fanboys mostly trying to tear it down, Xbox fanboys upset that the Xbox rockstars made a deal with Sony and PS fanboys still upset Halo wasn't on the PS.

Obviously not every one not looking forward to it will fall into these categories but have a feeling alot do

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I actually quite like it

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And again, zero perspective, since when do products selling in 13 Countries outsell products selling in 100 Countries?

That is what Axios2 says regarding sales, trying to imply that the number of countries both are available in is the defining factor,claiming people are using zero perspective.

All I have done is put some perspective into the debate regarding the number of countries and total sales, as in even at equal countries in all ...

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The regions MS have not released in yet accounted for around 10-15%(give or take) of 360 sales.

So in the aspect of the remaining region adding sales, then you are correct it will in fact do so.

But look at the numbers a little closer, X1 has sold around 5 million, lets say just for this exercise that the X1 out performs the 360 in these regions and adds 25% sales, that would put the X1 at around 6.25 million which would still be laggi...

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Did you really just say @the rest of you then have the cheek to say others are belittling.

It has absolutely nothing to do with having an opinion, you are using similarities with other games as some sort of excuse to look down on a game in a derogatory manor when I would be willing to bet that nearly all, if not all the games you will be looking forward to will have glaring similarities with other games, that's the problem.

Be lik...

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Tell you what, point us all in the direction of all the games coming out on any platform where we can't start ticking similarity boxes.

Basically everything coming out holds many similarities with other games, if you are going to be holding out for %100 originality then you really won't be playing much(if anything)

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Reach is an old game people played on the 360 , I can't wait for the MCC but again those are all old games, some I played on the original Xbox, does that mean they don't count as games due to age.


I know, was keeping the lists at even number of games each

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Max - 72
Crimson Dragon - 56
Super Time Force - 81
Halo Assualt - 53
Strike Force Zero - 67
Guacamelee - 88

PS Plus for the same time

Trine 2 - 84
Pikel Junk - 82
Towerfall - 87
Strider - 77
Fez - 90
Road Not Taken - 72

Opinion is opinion but only a fanboy can call one list lackluster then praise the other.

I enjoyed most of these titles besides, ...

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The quicker people get it into their heads and accept that this is the way it is going to be for GWG/PS+ on the new gen until they build up a pretty solid back catalogue the better.

MS/Sony aren't going to give away AAA games on the new consoles already, the 360/PS3 AAA titles are usually well over a year old and those consoles aren't that far off a decade old with hundreds of titles to chose from.

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I'll give you best Halo SP on the 360

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Not sure what people are expecting this short into the PS4 lifespan

Aug the PS3 got Crysis 3 which had been out for around 18 months, the 360 got Dishonored which had been out for longer.

These new console have been out less than 1 year

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23, Man that makes me feel old, especially considering that wasn't even my 1st gen, or 2nd now I think of it

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Well Halo is Halo & Insomniac have made some great games

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Eh no, just no.

Oops wrong thread, was meant for that silly
Tomb Raider exclusive deal could end the X1

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Metroid Prime

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Nes vs Master System

He says it's because the Nes completely dominated but doing a quick search I just got some rough numbers of Nes = 61m and Master System 10-13m.

Around 6x advantage to the Nes, according to his numbers the PS2 also had an advantage of around 6x, so by his very own rules that means the PS2 gen shouldn't count either

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