Ayy lmao


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Also you can play the Switch on an ethernet connection if you want.

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Not most powerful =/= least powerful.
The GameCube wiped the floor with the PS2 power wise.

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I don't get what you're implying here? lol?

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The dock does not have a fan in it. It's literally a charger, a HDMI out and a USB hub.

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I hope Nintendo doesn't make a new version of the Switch, coz I always feel a bit ripped off when companies update their hardware past cosmetic changes.

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Ugh, what does the sink want this time?

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Updated with better graphics, new features, on a new console which allows it to be played anywhere. Sounds like a great deal if you've never played it before.

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The Switch footage is taken from the Nintendo Direct footage, so it's been compressed at least twice by youtube while the PS4 footage is direct feed compressed for youtube only once.

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Previously third parties have had no reason to port their games to graphically inferior Nintendo systems. Now, while still less powerful than competitors, the Switch at least offers something that makes it's version of the game stand out with the portable aspect. I know I'm buying as many multiplatform titles as I can on switch.

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Probably the stream, we'll have to see it with direct feed.

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What's not surprising? The differences are tiny, I'm honestly surprised it looks this good at all.

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We'll have to see with direct feed whether that blur is from the youtube compression (x2) or if the game actually looks like that.

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Rocket League looked really good in the gameplay we saw today.

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What do you mean exactly? Everyone is talking about how unexpected this was as a graphically intensive game on a portable.

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I'd still say Nintendo's exclusives beat out Playstation, although the PS4 has had a lot longer to establish a few great games while the Switch has had a lot less time on the market.

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Why so salty?

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Why did EddieNX get 3 downvotes for telling the truth?

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This looks really fun and the graphics are sooo polished.

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Next up, DS vs PS4. Which will win?

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More like a Tesla to a Ferrari. The Ferrari is faster for sure but the Tesla is more unique and stands out for reasons other than power.

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