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My guess it'll be 720p in xb1 and 900p on PS4 for a stable 30fps tearless experience, if you yell and demand more P's.. well then you know how it goes by now

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Great choice for the money as it is neck and neck with the 2070 super all the while being 150 bucks cheaper, if you can find one at a rrp

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Intel are the desperate one's actually and as far as I know Nvidia don't make Cpu's so AMD's doing very well

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Believe what you will, it was brand new sealed atari collectors edition, as they published it on pc

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Stop talking out of you're ass kid

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Bought it new (physical copy) a couple of months back for like 3 bucks

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Not complex but bc of the wealth of accumulated content over the years the new player experience has become more and more overwhelming, I myself embraced that feeling of being completely lost in the game and just pushed through the game's sea of content slowly figuring everything out, with the new introductory trailer to the 3 started warframes and the revamping of the early game tutorial though I Ifeel WF will really hit that mainstream appeal and awareness which imo will lead to DE get...

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Just enjoy the ride, no fomo required, you'll learn all the game's mechanics in time, was 150 hrs in myself before I even completed the second dream main story quest,also joining a clan helps tons, communities also mostly friendly and helpful bc of the games cooperative nature I how everyone is in it together for the grind

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Sounds familiar

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Yeah with a barrel of acid

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No that would be the the cheaply and badly copied dildo globes you use with you're psvr

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They aren't free

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EA and Disney are two and the same, both greedy and PC obsessed, biggest difference between them are the levels of ignorance they've shown when it come to they're fans of past games and movie's

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Keep it up and you'll end up with an 9th gen paperweight, will that be cool ?

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True, remember MAG ?

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No they got it bc of Don Mattick actually, see you nextgen with BC, bc it was "clearly not that important" this gen, down with the fanboy sickness as usual

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, you people who downvoted me are special kind of moron, you really see what this person has done as an insult ?, What fanboy dumbfcks you are

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Yeah like those who got convinced to buy an 8th gen console not once but twice bc of how pathetically underpowered they were from the outset, *fingers pointing and laughing*, easy 800 bucks

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They triple dip actually, 7th gen, 8th gen and then PC with GTA 5, on top of that the 5 year old game still sells for $40 most of the time

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Why not use nvme/m.2 instead ?

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