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Pretty cool, nice job

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Yes but they also shouldn't exist in full priced game's

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Nicely done

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How's about a new term for sites like Kotaku, let's call them jurnouwhineabouts

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"digital minister", so she's an NPC ?

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And yet people are still hyped for the latest COD, you'd think repeated BS like this from Activision would have tought gamers something about how they handle they're games by now, but nope

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Enjoyed that one Uncharted 4 review from The Guardian ?, You guys sure acted all grown up back then, and it didn't even effect you're playing experience

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So instead of breaching the door I can simply walk around it, thx for the clarification in symantecs

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"capitalist eltist", like Kaz Hurai ?

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Nah you're good just trust Sony 100%, they're online security track record is spotless

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No worries, PSN+ user's will probably get a free digital trial game to download for there troubles to go along with there online game semi ownership subscription trial scheme of the game they've already purchased, enjoy

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I keep forgetting Top Gear isn't top gear

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Get off you're high horse, not everything is done as motivation for being a creeper, alot of gamer's do modding not bc they want to but just because they can, and it can also be/turn out to be something funny to behold

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Who's "you"? LoL

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We've already had Spec Ops the line

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Yeah those cod ww2 red faces were pretty authentic weren't they, well at least this looks like it's one step forward from going ten steps back the last decade or so

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I'll take "cheap" games over games that no longer exists any day

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So where were the shenmue devs going to release it on 3 years ago when it was successfully backed and there was no Fortnite game store ?

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Just another ignorant cunt n4g comment

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Imagine having multiple versions of a psn launcher on you're one console all with they're own timed exclusivity and walled of features, or lack there of, from one another, with no unified feature set for you to player, with even the most basic features like a friends list or a cloud saves missing, all the while having to pay more for the lack of said features, bc a rich greedy prick decided they're going to have a barebones storefront that no one need to exists bc of how little ...

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