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Online only co-op, cosmetic microtransactions, pay to win, empty openworld, am I close ?

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"yeah but what do you do ?", Remember those famous words ?

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Hopefully 10-20 years from now we can still find all our games on the dark web somewhere

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Cameleon of a game that follows trends and copies ideas as it goes on, be Minecraft, be pubg, be Apex and so on

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Stop making shit up and believing everything news media has to say, new concept, try to think logically for yourself for once about how the world works, we don't live in a vacuum of absolutes

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Not about the actors, take away those costumes and you're left with a bunch of generic melodramatic looking characters, this game screams half assed and being fully backed up by the owners of the source material, videogames not good enough for you Mickey ?

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Name 3 AAA games at the the top of you're head that uses EU4 engine, go

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and yet youll probably be rebuying the last of us part 2 remastered on the ps5.. probably around the end of 2020, that inferior piece of ps4 hardware am I right ;)

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If it's not the PC version then by all accounts it will/should be

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Why is Trump racist ?, stupid and ignorant about videogames and violance sure, but what racist acts and or slurs has he committed ?

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Final nail

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They can't take the license holders right to ownership back, that would be fraud, also EULA's don't mean Jack sht

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You mean Bare minimum edition

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Not too big, the said they're focusing more on filling and crafting a more detailed smaller openworld with less copy/paste empty space,which I prefer, ie Witcher 3, which had 3 smaller interesting openworld location's then just one big empty one with 100's of Ubisoft map markers everywhere to pad the experience

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$60+ live service games are a scam, keep supporting them and you'll keep being taken for a ride

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Really, then explain the inferior port's to PC

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Cruel tease

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Not having EA games on the the Switch is a selling point imo

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You forgot BladeRunner, the movie nor it's end ending would've been half as good without him and the performance he gave

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