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Next thing you know the people behind Castlevania or Mega Man will come out and say the enemies had simple patterns on purpose and not because they were bad programers.

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There could be something said about purely considering "best city" like that doesn't neccesarily involve what that means for the players immersion or interaction. Purely on it's intricate design and commitment to the style of the city it's damn impressive. But yeah, it's very lacking in what would really bring the city to life for a player.

It's an odd thing to compare game cities, what makes a good one? What does and doesn't matter dependi...

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I still wish the driving felt more fun but overall I'm really liking 2.0. I went from someone who was pretty upset about the game (borderline furious from frustration) and now I'm way enjoying this 3rd* play. (*My first game was quit after about 10 hours before restarting on 1.6)

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I don't know how it's happened but every studio MS has aquired recently (except 1) have been studios that don't make games that I care for. Double Fine being a studio a like a lot. Doesn't really change anything for me granted, I play on PC a lot, tho I have PS in my blood.
Also regarding the article. This try-harding to get console warriors flamed up is obnoxious. MS finally had some success with a launch. Wasn't a perfect launch but it was mostly a great launch ...

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Also the headline just says "closer to" but doesn't go one to say "than X" SO it's a stupid statement. It's also closer to a RTX4090 than a calculator from 1940.
The obvious //fill in the blank-assumption// here would be "...power closer to PS4 and Xbox One [than the original Switch]" Again, smooth brain statement. They weren't going to go backwards.
It's like every time an executive goes on stage and says "this is the m...

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It'll be somewhat hard to compare the "Switch 2" to the PS4/Xbone I bet.
It sounds like it'll have Tensor Cores via Nvidia which could be VERY different results than what you'd see on PS4gen.

Rant: Raw power wise I would expect it to be around there, running games at 720-1080p but with really nice AA.
If this console is successful enough it could encourage/result in some better opimization accross the board. I know there's been th...

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No Disc reader is a dangerous standard.
Awesome to see the new tech in the controller tho. (not a fan of the pants design, but that's just a nitpick.)

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That's just not true.

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I would really like some more PSVR2 news. I'd like a reason to use it more.

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PS4 Pro was almost entirely just a GPU upgrade. And so many games would need updates to even go beyond their original limit if the PRO did improve the CPU drastically. At the time it was unheard of to make multiple performance skus for consoles so there was rarely games that would just improve without any further work. Meanwhile it's more common now to have 30 or 60 fps limits and dynamic resolutions so a PS5 Pro would have more opportunities for staying at higher frame rates and resoluti...

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maybe not. but would I like one? Yeah.

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He's a used car saleman.

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It's awesome. I gotta play that again. Never finished it before.

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'a go' seems like odd phrasing to me.

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When has yours? Or anybodies? Shutup learn how society works.

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Realtalk, yes Foamstars is a Splatoon clone but I think it look cute and fun.

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She looks like an ass. Like shes a mean person.

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I'm losing my mind reading these comments. Nobody was going to explore multiple full scale planets. You are all lying to yourselves. Completely dillusioned. These are the same people who comlpain about fruit physics.

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What do you mean what's the point? Who's exploring multiple full sized planets? Be realistic.

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