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Guys. Chill. The F*ck. Out.

Go outside and get some sun, then you'll be able to play again in a few days. There's no rush. If this is like any other BF game, it will have a great community for a few years.

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I saw a stereoscopic 3d screen at a Nanotech conference last month. There were dozens of people watching the screen from different angles and they all experienced the 3d effect without glasses.

It was very cool, but obviously still in its infancy. Moving your head caused the 3d effect to become unbalanced, and made me feel a bit dizzy.

I'm sure they'll sort it out eventually.

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The requires cookies to be enabled for a "seamless user experience"? I can't even look at your site without letting you set cookies? What are you AOL?

Do you mean, "cookies must be enabled so we can track what you're doing, sell the info to others, and clutter up your temp folder for no reason?"

Blacklisted, bi*ches.

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You're entitled to your opinion.

However, if DICE is making them, I'll take as many WWII shooters as they can put out, thank you very much.

I no other game can I fly an Me109 to a mountain where I parachute out and steal a Churchill tank and kill three people before I drive a kubelwagon to the airfield and take off in a B-17 to get back to my base again.

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Don't worry about that, either. No one's 1943 medal shows up. Apparently it will automatically give you the medal some time in the future,

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I have 1942, BF2, BC1, and 1943 registered, and I got in. Perhaps it's related not to veteran level, but to level in BC1.

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I think the box labelled

"Are you a Battlefield Veteran?"

will be helpful for you.

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I know what people mean by camper, I'm just disagreeing with their anger against them.

A) The whole point of defending is to dig in and find a spot to shoot the bad guys from.

B) Snipers are meant to hide in the trees and shoot you. That's their job.

The problem is that people don't use common sense.

Here's some advice from Papa Perseus:

1) Don't run over hill top, around corners, or through doors. Crouch and go slowly. <...

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I don't understand what people are saying about campers. I've just spent 4 hours playing this demo, and never found a camper once.

By "campers" do you guys mean, "people who shoot you first"?

That's kind of the point of the game.

Also, since when can you run sideways and shoot an automatic rifle or light machine gun? Has anyone who is complaining about the lack of shoot/strafe actually fired a real weapon? No? Maybe you should join th...

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Yes, it is forgettable. If you've had a lobotomy.

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The one thing wrong? That was the best part! I'm sick to my back teeth of evil terrorists and bad countries with nukes and evil-bad-guys-but-maybe-we-are -the-evil-ones twists to poorly written stories.

I want my FPS games to be fun. BC1 had a tonne of problems, but one thing it had no problem with was fun. I laughed. It was juvenile. It was like Ocean's 11 wrapped into 3 Kings wrapped into Kelly's Heroes.

Great game. I hope it stays light with Bad Company 2.

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Am I the only person who wants reviewers to use proper grammar?

When I can't understand a sentence until I read it three times, I know the writer has screwed up.

Hint for the Junior Reviewer who wrote this:

"That" != "on which"

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Subject - Verb - Object. It's a simple rule.

You are from the country that spawned the language. The least you could do is write it properly. I couldn't get past the first paragraph.

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The purpose of a beta is not to determine whether "it works right with Live", or PSN, but to figure out what it is wrong with the game.

Stop spreading FUD.

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So, buildings using the same animation to blow up is unrealistic, but wielding two shotguns at once is not? (Hint: #2 is more unrealistic.)

Fences and trees exploding when a vehicle drives through them is unrealistic, but a person hit by a nail gun being thrown across a battlefield is not? (Hint: #2 is more unrealistic.)

Holes appearing in the ground when artillery strikes it is unrealistic, but a tent surviving a rocket strike is not? (Hint: #2 is more unrealistic.)...

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Actually nogolis, I was referring to the PS3 as well. I don't have a 360.

But I live in Japan, so maybe there are more players here.


We do need more maps, but I think we'll see some when the PC version comes out.

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I still play it at least 3 times a week. I'm always in full games, so I guess enough people are still playing.

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PAL can't be run through an NTSC system without an HDMI cable.

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I just bought GTAIV yesterday, and it seems a lot more fun than San Andreas was, if only because the graphics are great, and the cars are fun to drive. I haven't even shot a gun yet, but I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

And really, I don't know why you guys don't remember how bad the writing in San Andreas was. The story was okay, the voice acting was fine, and the game was fun as hell, but the actual script was garbage. It was painful to listen to people talk.

It was li...

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Jesso? I can see that you're young - 1993? Christ, I'm old - so I won't ream you out here.

But you really should write properly. You will get a lot more replies if you use proper grammar and spelling.

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