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That's unfortunate, Concrete Genie was an interesting little game.

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This kind of breakdown is why Microsoft's attempt to force everyone onto a no used game model in 2013 was stupid. The majority of customers will voluntarily participate in such a system anyway if you make it optional.

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I'm surprised they'd even pursue this after the complete collapse of the NFT market last year.

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I've got both and upgraded both with 2TB drives (980 pro on PS5). I think there's merits to both approaches and don't really feel like either is the differentiator that fanboys claim it is. Dolby Atmos support and VR support on the other hand are actually features that make a difference imo as someone that has both.

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Yeah, they should have done a disc-less Series X instead.

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Microsoft didn't include ports for VR so they'd have to use some kind of breakout box like the PS4 did with the first PSVR.

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TLOU had a huge marketing campaign before its release and received widespread critical acclaim with a 95 on metacritic before its release date.

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It's interesting from a purely academic standpoint but it's not meant for gaming. What I am more interested in is seeing if Nvidia and AMD start linking GPU cores in this same way.

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Gonna pass on this, if the gameplay isn't updated to be more like the sequel I don't see a point, especially not for $70.

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I agree, there's like 5 next-gen exclusives total after almost 2 years on the market.

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Vincent is great

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This lol, the virtual rape segment is a classic.

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I liked Knack 2, it was a big improvement over the first game but no one played it.

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You can't even buy a PS4 right now, they're out of stock everywhere and being scalped for prices higher than it's original MSRP launch price.

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The shadows are softer and more diffuse but it's not super noticeable.

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At 30fps though.

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I'm surprised Forza sold that well. My copy from Amazon came with a damaged case so I returned it and ended up just renewing my gamepass with a Black Friday deal.

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Would rather see the 992 GT2 RS or 992 GT3 RS than a concept car that'll never be a real thing.

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Not in my opinion.

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