Whats up...keep on lossin em bubbles from bad language lol
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Hell yea! Sleeping dogs 2 is going to be awesome. They need to release a teaser for them.

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Yea with the crazy statistic that valve showed about how many pc gamers there are....do you know half of those accounts only have one or two games and have been inactive for several years?Steam only has around 30 million active users and at most 6 million on at one time.I am a pc gamer who buys games like bf4 on pc. Pc gamers are gamers who game primarily on pc and buy games like skyrim,left 4 dead,or any AAA game on there system. Ill also count people who buy tons of indie games on it, but i...

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Uncharted on ps4 will be 1080p 30fps,60fps is only good for racing,fighting, and FPS. For some reason gamers think 60fps is great for everything but its not for games line uncharted or last of us,takes away the cinematic feel.

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Most gamers are not pc gamers,most are console.....even games that are targeted toward pc audience like BF4 still get outsold by the console version by miles...all AAA games sale better on console.

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Im sure they could devote 2 or 3 weeks into adding a few extra features.

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But I can guarantee you that every Microsoft first party game will use kinect in some way....so there goes that 10% for what games it actually matter for.

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Honestly they should show everything at e3 even if its European,e3 gets way more press and attention than Gamescom and sony is showing this in theaters!So many people are gonna see this and they need to show as much as they can,if microsoft does a good job and shows a lot I can guarantee sony is gonna pull dome last minute strings and show GG's and MM's new game at E3.

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Killzone fans blidnly think the games they make are good,they loved shadow fall yet the game is at best a 7...but its a new IP and hopfully it will actully be good,killzone series had many time to redeem itsel but each game sucked.All killzone is is just a shadow of halo and its the only reason why sony keeps on funding sequels for it cause they keep on thinking Americans are gonna like it like halo. But i do disagree with you on MM,they are a great studio and every game they made is pretty ...

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Yep!Been doing this like since 2008....

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It seems like there putting a lot of effort with the weather,the rain looks really good.

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The first leak was not a real leak,it was a PR stunt. This was a real one because EA actually took this one down :P

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As long as it looks good on next-gen I am fine with it.

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They seem to be focusing all on single player/co-op.
The multiplayer for the original homefront was good but not amazing,was kinda a battlefield know-off mixed with some COD elements.

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It might,if its current gen only I would expect it to look somewhat like this.

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Well i guess sony says "Fuck the UK :p"

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.Knowing how good Ryse look and the in fact that this is cry-engine,its pretty obvious this is in game renderings,expect the gameplay to look almost identical to this graphically.

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At least the way that scene played out.

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Well the title did have xbox one in it so you can not blame the person for thinking that, this is just the authors fault.

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If it gains any significant popularity sony will be right on its ass on getting it ported to ps4 and I think you know that. Only way it wont be on consoles is if valve buys it,cause honestly that's the only company in the gaming industry that I see making it a pc exclusive. And even if it was pc exclusive im sure anyone with a pc could run this game. Will probably not require a gaming pc to run it.

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