Whats up...keep on lossin em bubbles from bad language lol
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The vita version actually has more detail in it than the ps3 version.

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Wow I am from Iceland,very disappointed.

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It not hard to have online growth for nintendo cause there's little to begin with so a fractional,it should grow because its so tiny compared to its competitors.

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Right now I feel like its a 30% to 70% ratio but i think Microsoft will get around 40% percent in North America when Halo comes out.

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Im pretty sure even halo 4s enviroments and reach where more open than tomb raider,not saying there bigger but there are defiantly more open. i think te enviroments will be something like the original crysis.

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The gold font sticks out to much,would look nicer if silver

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Honestly,announce it like a month before it comes out,so it gives it a few weeks of hype and news of it to spread.

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You could almost say the same for Battlefield.It uses the same engine,just upgraded and revamped each battlefield game. Only thing they do is hype it more and slap a new name on it...frostbite 3.....frostbite 4...its enough to deceive people like you. Granted its a bigger upgrade than mw3,black ops 2,etc. but then again bf does not come out on a yearly basis so I would expect more change with each bf installment graphically,look at mw3 and cod ghost on pc max settings,you'll see a differe...

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Honestly when they showed the vehicles and the grenade it got my attention more than other cods do,never bought a cod since black ops 1. This might be the first one ill buy in awhile.Plus this one had a 3-dev year cycle and I think it shows compared to the other 2 year dev cycle cod games........in no way im saying this game will be amazing but it looks like it changed more,maybe its because of the graphic jump but it seems to catch my attention gameplay/story wise a lot more than other cod g...

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Honestly I am scrolling down the comments and all i see is criticizing it and a few people defending it and giving it a chance,are those the people that your talking about?Cause so far YOUR comment has been the only one to have words like praise in it.

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Mind blown...there are TWO rainbow road tracks lol. One is in space and other is over city

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No they did not say that but,they used " " dude around gamers so they did not officially say that was the definition,its just in that survey was and it was only looking for people who where in the console market....no one said your a gamer if you just own a console...some people these days. The survey probably had something like "Console gamers only survey" or something.

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Yea and with gold you dont right?Great you get to keep the 2 or 3 games they gave you... :|....you know ps plus has a shitload more than that?

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"bviously I wasn't comparing the PS4 to the XB1." then why did you say "you telling me that you still believe that if you only owned a PS4?"....and its a yes cause its not on xbox one,even with ps vita it woops GwG ass....i mean come on it does not depend on what platform you own,it blows it out of the water with content on every platform ps plus is on.

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poo poo

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I mean for this 2 years?Yea uncharted will probably be the best looking but by the end I think it will be the next GTA game(gta 5 already feels next gen to me i just wounder what future installments will do).

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Supposed to be a launch title and got delayed almost a entire year 0_o

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The red and white parts should just be black but this looks really good.

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Well the original crysis today still looks amazing and if they were to redo the polygon count and some of the lighting it would look better than games like bf4 or other "next gen" games. Crysis is amazing.

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Does it?If it does ps4 version is the version for me.

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