Whats up...keep on lossin em bubbles from bad language lol
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To be honest even forza did not look as good as that pic that they used of forza,that was from the e3 build and as we all know it got downgraded lol

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What is up will the disagrees on the compliments on the amazing graphics on ps4? Its true! Honestly I think its some asshole with multiple accounts just disagreeing towards anything positive about this.

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Ha that would be a huge let down from all this hype lol. I think they will announce bully 2 aswell and show off a next gen version of gta 5 at e3. Then again the public is really sensitive about bullying now so it could be red dead redemption 2

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Gta 6 is gonna have to be really good now because of Watch Dogs,for the first time ever there is a game at its level and is a serious competitor.

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Did you download a patch for it or was it the Valhalla version on higher difficulty?Please reply

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Yes I love this too. Its hard for me to buy good games digitally because ill know ill probably forget about it when im 60 and ill never be able to look at it again and remember the amazing memories I had playing it. Even has a manual and other items with it. Now that I have a physical copy I can display it and show it off to my future grand children lol! This makes me so happy,I am subscribing to this today and the rest of you guys should support this great cause too :)!


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Have more levels like the forest and actually be able to use your drone zipline more. The drone had so much potential but you can clearly see the game was rushed. The AI where really stupid and the hard difficulty just made them do a lot damage and have amazing aim. I cant believe the amount of ignorance on its faults for this game on this site.

Im not saying its bad but its far from halo,god of war, or uncharted level that killzone fans try to make it. For example,some guy ...

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But the thing is NewMonday no one said micrsoft bought them,just show them first on xbox one and maybe a exclusjve DLC deal.All those games mentioned in this will come ps4/pc as well.

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I mean...what else can you buy on the wiiu?A dlc'less batman game?Or how about watch dogs or any other good game?Pretty much Mario kart is the only good thing on it that has came out recently so I would expect it to sell well because the games its competing with on the wiiu is as bad as a deaf kid is at playing Simon says.

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I think consoles are more of a family thing and more social especially with games like this because all four of you are there in person having a blast,i remembering having many moments like this as a kid with my family,they where awesome and I would rather have that than each of them alone starring at there iphone.

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Though I think this far cry will be good,how was far cry 2?Not that good?Yea a lot of people did not like it and that kinda supports why annual release could be bad and you seem to act like far cry 2 was awesome and better than far cry after it came a year after it.....the worst scenario for far cry 4 is it could end of up like far cry 2,decent but its the shadow of its greater predecessor.

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As long as there good and innovative then I don't care then. I feels like a lot more than a year when far cry 3 came out because it is probably so damn good to me so I am more than happy to have this. And I know its not a rushed piece of shit like a Call of Duty game,if it was it would probably still have Vaas from Far cry 3 and same characters but as you see it has a entirely new pallet of characters and area. I doubt they will have Jason because the protagonist was not really cared fo...

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Probably not,there was a for e3's sony reveal and
The last of Us 2 and Uncharted where the ones on the list and now that naughty dog has come out and said that there are two titles these leaks where probably true.

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Yea don't understand the hate. There purposely making it look stupid and that's what makes it funny to me. People think that there actually trying to do something serious ,there the idiots.

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Looks cool.

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The multiplayer does not have that much content to it either.....it was playable and not bad though. But that in no way means it was good. I also agree it is mediocre,to me its just a rushed out game for launch and to show off the ps4 graphics. Honestly it deserves its review scores and only people defending it and saying its a good/excellent game are biased n4g users and that's a fact.

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He is just not a biased Nintendo fan idiot.
God forbid your Nintendo getting criticized which it does deserve a lot of hate.Nintendo did a horrible job at supporting it but now there starting to get better.

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Its a little smoother on a 120hz moniter,i can tell the dfference between 60 an 120fps,at first you dont but once you get used to it you 60fps almos feels like its 30 to me :(

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Halo 3
left 4 dead
the last of us
gta 5
Far cry 3
fall out 3
Bioshock infinite

That would of been in my list

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What evidence is there towards any xbox one 60fps?Theirs multiple articles on the ps4 version being 60fps so its at-least more credible.

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