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“ but when you're running games worst than the gen you're replacing, it will leave a bad taste”

Are you speaking from experience because you have both consoles or is this just your opinion and you don’t own any of the consoles ?

I can speak from experience and can honestly say that the series s is far better than the one x .

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I sold my one x to get the series s and not had one single regret , in my view it out performs the one x in every way except the lack of disk drive .

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Id quite like to see the Avro Vulcan, complete with the amazing sounding vulcan howl as it consumes all that air through its intakes ...
other than that, a borg cube, but i think the limitations of the game might make that impossible ...

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Reminds me of a Wolfenstein game , not sure if there enough there to make it better or worse than Wolfenstein , need to see more before I would spend any serious money on this ..

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That’s how I approach any Microsoft announcement, I certainly don’t jump on the hype train, but I do remain hopeful that the news they bring will a bonus .

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Totally agree, I can only assume Microsoft was desperate for some kind of game that could shift some consoles to pay that much for a years head start , but as you’ve already pointed out, I don’t think Tomb Raider would of had that appeal just to get people to buy a console .

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You never saw this thread then from awhile back when xbox first launched, and just look at the pro sony crew or the ratio of likes or dislikes on the posts that claim the video to be fake...

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I’m fully expecting the next GTA to be built around shark cards , due to their success with the current GTA model, I can only speak for myself but I’m not really looking forward to it

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Yes, I hope he is, I always enjoyed reading his posts …

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“ . It takes money to make games, people playing the games for pennies on game pass is not going to fund future games.”

And nor is the second hand copies sitting on the shelves in the trade in game shops because people have purchased didn’t really like it and cashed in,

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I remember you saying you wanted to do that on a previous post about a month ago.... i hope it lived up to your expectations.
I flew past my house low and slow and said to my son, look, im flying past our home, he looked at the tv then started looking out of the window to see if he could see me fly past... :)

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It’s a really refreshing change from the normal games I play , quite therapeutic, set a flight line, power down the engine and fly over parts of the world at 300 foot ..
there are a few places that are lacking a lot of detail for obvious reasons like Area 51 , some of the German beach fortifications on Normandy beach are showing up as houses , and there was also a van parked outside my house on the day the photography was done and it’s also showing up as a house in the middle of the...

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I know the pandemic has hit the chip shortage, but i think thats only half the reason, I'm sure i read an article somewhere that it was actually started before the pandemic took hold, The article went on to say it was Donald Trumps spat with the Chinese over imports.

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Why brag that I’ve got a 7 inch penis if the guy standing opposite me has a 9 inch one …

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A lot of new services end up hurting the older services, for better or for worse , cd hurt the vinyl , dvd hurt the video , now streaming is hurting dvd .. a lot of companies were slow to adopt to online sales and ended up closing down because of it , my point being, companies have to adapt to the current climate .

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It’s a flight sim , not a terrorist flight school …

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I’d like to see something in place to protect myself from the annoying griefers on oppressors , I gave up playing online and trying to supply and sell goods from my businesses a long time ago, it’s easier to do a closed session Cayo Perico heist by myself and earn anything from 1.2 million to 1.8 million and the whole process can be done within the hour. Then just buy what I want and play around in peace .

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This is a typical example of moving the goal posts to suit the narrative...
i cant remember seeing anybody say that Ps5 couldnt run the Fidelity x , on the topic that was posted Microsoft announced it would be coming to xbox, but because it was a microsoft conference nothing was mentioned about sony.
All people was stating in the thread was they wasnt sure if it was coming to sony because sony kept quiet about it...

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“ I do wonder though why epic made a demo for sony but didn't for ms”

Wasn’t there something about a 250 million payment that was revealed shortly after the demo ?

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So if whatever gets shown by Coalition isn’t as good as the UE 5 tech demo then will the wider public be saying they don’t care or will the thread be awash with people saying the demo showed on Sony was better than the demo showed by Microsoft …

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