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That is insane. All of this anti-consumer nonsense these days, phone numbers, online check in DRM for single player, gargantuan day one patches to fix incomplete games, required accounts and data mining, always online required even for single player. I will just buy stuff on GOG when I can, no DRM, no always online, NO BS, actually OWN the game forever.

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No buy for me. Sony recently pulled 100's of movies from their digital library, and Ubi pulled an Assassin's creed game so even if you bought it it is no longer accessible. With digital YOU DON'T OWN IT! It is just a long term rental. No thanks. Digital media can disappear at any time and you have nothing you can do about it.

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I liked the first one although it was a bit short. I am glad that they did a sequel. Maybe someday they will release both on a physical release on the same disc.

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That is baked in now. Even if they patch in the offline mode it still requires an internet connection to get the patch. This means when they pull server support for the game even having a physical disc is useless.

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Always online REQUIREMENT even for single player made this a big nope for me. Why pay $70 for something that will stop working whenever you aren't connected, the servers are down etc. It is guaranteed and planned obsolescence DRM. There was no good reason other than anti-consumer control freak practices. The more that people go for this crap the more they will do like this. Soon everything will require a constant connection leaving out anyone with no connection and will stop working ...

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I suppose if past performances are to be taken into account the Xbox series X pro will be a lot more powerful than the PS5 pro. It was with PS4 pro vs the One X, and Xbox series X vs PS5. It seems Microsoft always has the upper hand power wise ever since they got spanked once by Sony with PS4 vs Xbone.

I would just like to be able to get 60FPS WITH ray tracing instead of having to often choose one OR the other now. The current systems are OK but fall just short.

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It is that is why the better draw distance, it is rendering more geometry.

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Bah. 4K is almost unnoticeable unless you sit 4 feet away from a 60" TV, diminishing returns. What you CAN see are objects popping up in front of you due to poor draw distance. Draw distance is much more important than slightly sharper edges.

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Honestly I don't think it is needed. There are plenty of multiplayer games these days to choose from. With dev costs going up I can see an era where there are separate single player and multiplayer games which is fine. Due to larger graphics size I could also see physical versions being SP only to fit on the disc and any MP components download only.

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...and 100% chance to be buggy incomplete mess that will require gigs of patches to fix. No or slow internet? Screwed. Want to own the physical game complete? Fat chance.

I would rather it be delayed again a couple of months, at least the physical version, so I can get the working version.

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The game originally ran sub-720P on the 360. Good game but the graphics were very low-resolution. It looked very blurry, the 360 hardware was just not up to the task with the effects and lighting. This may use ray traced shadows which would be a big improvement, already the textures and character models look much better.

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Yeah but WD was only 900P on PS4. It could benefit from 1080P-4K and 60 FPS on new consoles.

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I HATE the fixed camera for the driving though. After letting you choose in the first two taking that option out is idiotic especially since the drone cam view they stick you with is next to un-driveable.

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I thought so at first too. I got used to it and it ended up being good after some play time. I just had to give it a chance.

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Honestly one of my biggest annoyances with Legion is that they took out the camera views for the driving. I mean the behind the car view that they stuck us with is near unplayable. I always used a first person driving view. After two releases why did they take OUT features? I don't get it.

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Everyone has their own likes. I liked it a lot myself. I played through it twice and liked the car chases and the open world with fairly decent environments and missions. It suffered from the whole downgrade thing where they showed graphics that weren't actually there. No game will appeal to everyone but it was still ambitious for it's time.

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The series X is much more powerful. The good stuff will come and Sony no longer having the big Bethusda games will be a big blow. I want to play ES 6 and that won't be possible on a PS5.

Right now the SX is a disappointment with the fact that they don't have many enhanced games on a disc you can actually own though. Everything is a massive digital only download upgrade to an old version which is annoying. Hopefully Sony will do that part better.

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Yes CA is awful and I don't see why they still insist on using it and many times do not have an option to shut it OFF (I am looking at you Bloodborne).

For those that don't know it is an effect that makes graphics blurry and shifts colors from actual colors to rainbow like spectrum colors. It was done to emulate a poor quality camera lens from the 1800s. Today a camera with that effect would be deemed defective by any photographer and be returned to the store. It...

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I liked the game demo on PSVR so I bought the retail version only to find some idiot thought it was a good idea to put in a large super bright, as in pinned to max, HUD on the side that is distracting as hell (in the demo it was smaller and more subdued). In a dark game like this it stands out even worse, they ruined the game atmosphere and I never went back to play it.

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The Xbox series X is better because I could actually find one to buy at retail and are easier to get in general. It is also more powerful which is a nice bonus. The system you can have is always better than ones that are impossible to get like PS5 unless you pay double from scalper scum.

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