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There is no point to when their exclusives from launch on will not be releasing on ps4. Third parties will be offering free upgrades to their games.

Imo this is a pointless thing to advertise. Who buys a next gen console to play old gen games? Sony is looking ahead like they should be.

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They're about 60 million units behind and have shown zero reason for anyone who owns a ps4 to get a series x over ps5. Sony right off the bat have shown major exclusives that will be out within the first year. The arguably biggest game at series x launch will be Halo Infinite, which I will be enjoying... on my pc. Series x doesn't have the exclusives and won't due to Microsoft's stupid decision to make their first batch of games cross gen.

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Abriael is right. Performance mode simply unlocks the frame rate and it averages around 45 fps. It only hits 60 in instances out of combat with little going on.

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HD and remaster are two different things. They're taking the game and giving it a current gen look and feel. Not just increasing the resolution.

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Exactly, Battlefront isn't supposed to be a shooter. It is meant to be a Star Wars game. They've done a good job creating the atmosphere and sounds for it, but it is still just a regular shooter. Maybe they'll prove us wrong, but it seems like Jedi and everything linked to them isn't going to be a big part of the game sadly.

Yeah I'm just waiting to get my One. Pre-ordered the Halo 5 bundle and am stoked to get it. So many gr...

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Honestly I feel like Halo 5 is going to be the best shooter this year. 343 is crafting a game that still feels like Halo, but is finally adding elements that freshen the game up without making it feel like other shooters.

Battlefront looks good, but nothing I've seen has wowed me. It looks like a tweaked and re-skinned Battlefield. Now this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but to me the BF games are fun for a month or so then they become just a grind-fest.

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So you're saying the devs who put hundreds of hours into this should go unpaid?

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If you actually watched/read what they have revealed then you would know the answer to most of those questions.

Let me help you out a bit:

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Where in the video is the infinite combo? All I see are simple 30%-40% ones. Article is full of bull.

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Exactly, plus who cares? Slowing the game down a tad isn't going to ruin it or anything. All I want in the end is a balanced game that's fun to play. I've never been able to get into SF, but am hoping this'll be the one that draws me into the franchise.

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I would rather pay $60 for a quality game that'll give me a lasting impression than $60 on a game that I'll play for a bit and never think about again.

Also only fools believe the five hour bs. Most people who played it says it lasts eight to ten hours. That imo is a perfect length.

I just preordered it and it is downloading right now. Can't wait to stay up all night tomorrow playing it and go into class the next morning without sleep.

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Yeah until the publisher sues you for a couple million for ignoring the street date.

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The game has been complete for over two months now. So no, it couldn't have been in the game since this DLC wasn't ready when the game launched.

Honestly people need to start understanding how game development works. Games are done at least a month before they launch. During that time period devs work on bug fixes and creating new content. They don't sit there and do nothing and deserve to be payed for their work. Thus we have paid DLC. If you don't like ...

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What's the point of having that video here? Ten minutes of a guy who is terrible at the game has nothing to do with having the wrong color sequence for a flag.

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Yeah same thing happened to me during the "Siblings" mission. Was playing with my brothers when my game crashed. It deleted all of my inventory and levels. The game glitched again when I turned in a side-quest right after that. I made my survivor rank go from 0 to 25. Thus all the weapons I find in locked chests do 800+ damage.

So yeah it sucked, but at the same time I became a god able to one-shot basically everything. Plus got the grapple hook a LOT earlie...

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Spotify is MUCH, MUCH cheaper than buying mp3s. If you actually listen to music often I don't see why you wouldn't have a subscription. Plus you can add the mp3s you already have into playlists on it that can be played from any device.

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I have about six hours in the game. So far there is nothing seriously bad or wrong about the game. Combat is fun and engaging. Taking on a pack of zombies takes some thinking and dancing around. They can't just be mowed down like in most zombie games. The parkour works well and makes the moving around the map a lot more enjoyable. Plus at night the whole tone of the game changes. Feels almost like a completely different game.

The story actually does draw the player i...

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Honestly was kinda on the fence about this game. I've always known it would be a great game, but felt like it wouldn't be one I enjoyed. I got the new Dragon Age, but have hardly played it mainly because I don't enjoy the combat. It is boring imo and enemies are mostly just "sword-sponges". Plus the story hasn't really drawn me on.

However after the recent gameplay from the Wild Hunt and this interview I'm convinced it'll be a game that...

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You can do the exact same thing when downloading. My terabyte drive has only 300 gigs left. Once it fills up I'll just delete the games and re-download them if I ever want to play them again.

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This right here is a great example of how Nintendo has no clue what they're doing anymore. This game looks bad ass and be an amazing system seller for the Wii U. However they're not releasing it on the Wii U. Instead it'll be an arcade game only in Japan.

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