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I played it on Switch, and it had fetch quests, and things would just repeat if you left the game eh. These types of games don't lend themselves all too well to mtx and service style gaming.

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Struggling? Drought? The pandemic only brought growth to gaming, The switch is still selling like the world will end tomorrow, despite shortage of playstations they're selling even better than the PS4 during the same period of time, MS be bulking up for a major shake up. Business is booming.

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Yes there was actual exploration in BoTW compared to the more story centered locations of Horizon. I'm not saying it's inferior I'm just saying that over all it was not better. BoTW is still a Zelda game, but it's a Zelda game without most of what makes Zelda so damn good. If it was half of what all the previous entry were plus it's openness then I wouldn't think twice about whether or not it was the better game.

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At least it had writing, the few that Zelda had was all horribly voice acted. I had my issues with Horizon, and out of the two I played 150 hours more of Zelda, but Zelda was the most overrated game of that year.

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Plus waking up at 6 in the morning on a weekend is like a kids tradition. I couldn't miss an episode of Pokemon on Saturday as a kid.

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Horizon should've won.

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Nah triggered is correct. You can disagree, but are you disagreeing cause you think differently or are you disagreeing cause you can't swallow any criticism towards GOW? Judging by the comments I see most is the latter.

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Instead of trying to get them to join then military through bs trends why not instead tell em of the benefits that joining the military bring? Least in times of peace and without the threat of war, having your studies paid in full sounds better than "hey you can do what you do in COD by joining the army, isn't that cool?"

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I see you still can't criticize this game without triggering people. It's pacing is definitely a problem the story has. A lot that you do on the side makes the ending make much more sense, otherwise it feels a bit undeserved. Atreus is definitely much more annoying than he was too, and I liked him in the last game, but he talks like a modern day Fortnite kid and his sections drag out too often.

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Honestly this is just comical. These sites capitalizing on the issues the community is having, but let's be honest people will forget and love this game in a couple years. All their games have released with tech issues and controversies and people have gone on to praise them after they fix them. It really doesn't matter, these things are never a learning lesson for devs, it just encourages them to try the same thing over and over.

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Not entirely at least lol

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y'all salty, pretending as of developing for one specific platform hasn't always been better for studios. Having to develope for three platforms, regardless of the similarities that 2 of them have, has always been an issue devs have been vocal about. I think it's been done best with how SONY has handled these PC ports. Rather than have their studios develope 2 versions simultaneously they focus on making the PS version best. Then another studio makes the PC port the best it can be...

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Ah I didn't know. Personally I always liked believing that they had given her enchanted clothing. The Japanese do like their gender bending magical characters.

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I wouldn't really count Sheik. I don't think she was intentionally cross dressing, she dressed as a traditional Sheika warrior and covered her face to conceal her identity. But yeah that comment is either bait, or he forgot a couple words.

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Her being a princess was never the purpose of the character. She's a god in human form, but also she's been "not a princess" in many games so wtf you talking bout Willis?

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Nintendo is always very late to the party on everything. Give them another decade and they'll suddenly see there's money in the tournament scene. Then they'll half ass it spectacularly, like how they did with multiplayer, YouTube, and their mobile games.

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Story and gameplay loop would be pretty much the same, yes. Everything else on the technical side would obviously get a boost, but it's nothing we haven't seen already with PC version of games. Atm people are still very distracted by pretty graphics, the SSD marketing, and making themselves believe that a controller with slightly better vibrations makes a game better on a certain console. I'm still seeing games with the same dated template that started during the PS3 gen. Until I ...

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When something that can otherwise be a minute long gets stretched out to 5. I'm noticing so many games doing this now that it's sucking the fun out for me. It's when you're forced to travel across the city to different locations to turn on the lights in a single building, or forcing you into a combat during an otherwise short puzzle section. Or when you're forced to sit through slow on rail exposition dumps. I just turn off the game when I see that and come back after an h...

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Man this game desperately needs voice acting. Would've loved playing with Spanish dub. I gotta give it to tho, as much as the problems are apparent, it's world is much better designed than Arceus and the wild areas of S&S. Just needs some smaller details to it. I love seeing the npcs on BoTW running to cover when it rains, and out in the world exploring. The npcs out in the wild in Pokemon still mostly just stand and wait for you to battle, and weather is very basic. Boggles the m...

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I am not entirely disappointed with this game and so far I haven't experienced any bad glitches aside from obvious framerate issues. But damn is this game ugly despite it's vibrant colours, things look so flat. I think this is way more BoTW then the last game, but their engine is either showing it's age or GF is not good with tech.
Then again I tend to lose myself in open world games til I realize the repetitiveness of them.

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