I love it when people disagree with facts.


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Because it's not like a lot people on the PS Blog comments have been asking for folders before people asked for background music /s

Just because you don't care about something that other people want doesn't mean they are grasping at straws. Learn to live with people having different opinions than you, or you're really going to go nowhere.

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Yeah, I own a lot of digitally downloaded games, and I'm tired of it being cluttered with bloatware like PSNOW, and PSMusic, and Share Factory, when I'm never going to use those services to begin with. I'm not grapsing at straws, I'm voicing my opinion, of things I actually want to happen with the PS4. Not just speaking from a fanboy perspective. I'm not that concerned about background music. It's the same concept with a Smartphone. If you buy an Android phone, or an i...

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Amen. I refuse to be bullied or told that my vote doesn't count. It's negativity like that that stops people from considering of voting for a third party.


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Don't forget the fact that we lose Britian as an ally if Trump gets elected.
Don't forget that Trump wants to start WW3 with Russia, and the Middle East.
He's literally said on TV that he wants to let them go at it, sit back, and blow up whoever is left standing.
He wants to put Middle Eastern people into concentration camps
He wants to have Mexico build a wall to keep their own people out of America
He will destroy foreign policy with ...

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You know it's sad when the $29.99 Prologue was better than the full $59.99 game.

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Agreed. Thing is though the Die-Hards are the ones still trying to convince themselves and everyone else that MGSV is the greatest game ever made, and all the other MGS games are trash. MGS4, and MGS3 are tied for best game in the series imo.
When they do a new one, hopefully they'll actually pick up from the end of MGSV where we actually get to play as Big Boss.

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I feel like this is one of those games that everyone pretends to be hype for because everyone else is, but when it comes out all those people who were "hype" for it don't buy the game. I expect the same thing with The Last Guardian, and Nier Automata.

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Because fanboys are going to try to make conditions and situations so their precious box will always beat the other box. In a way it's almost like these fanboys are mirroring the political parties. Both sides have a lot of awfully toxic people, and Nintendo is that Independent candidate that no one is concerned about.

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It's kind of funny that things that are expected to happen are considered News.

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I'll be glad when they finally
1) Let us organize our dashboard
2) Improve the network infrastructure
3) Create a stable system software

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I thought Cruz was equally as bad. He was a religious madman that wanted just about as many unspeakable things done to middle eastern people. as Trump does.The Irony in his campaign is that he kept going on about how he was involved with his church and gave these donations, and when it came to digging dirt and fact checking, his church didn't see a single cent from him.

Bernie was good, but people didn't want to look outside the confine...

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The average American is more racist, and xenophobic than they try to let on.

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So you'd rather vote for someone who has Wall Street in her back pocket, or some racist xenophobic tyrant who's waiting to start WW3? Rather than trying to show these people that we can see in more than just Red and Blue? That we don't want a two party system, but want to elect people into office who are equipped to represent us?

It's pretty sad that you are that standoffish towards trying something new, and come off extremely co...

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That's why Gary Johnson will be the only choice for this election.

Power to the People! Not to these corrupt idiots

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Ehh, they are more like that sweet spot between AA and AAA to be honest. That's not to throw shade at Capcom or RE, cause RE is my favorite series by them tbh. I just don't consider them AAA cause they don't really have or use the same budget as Naughty Dog, Konami, Square Enix and other AAA developers and publishers.

I don't think 7 is going to be low budget either, but I don't think it's going to be high budget. Somewhere in between, especially con...

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