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Looks fun to me. Im sure there will be gameplay that covers a full array of intensity(just like the vanilla game). FD is in the process of making an incredible game with ED.Ive read about where ED is heading in the near future, and on paper it all sounds amazing.

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If you are a sony or ms investor you might consider it a broad stroke at some news. This isn't news to the people that aren't gaining or losing money by sony or ms, at least it shouldn't be. Im assuming you aren't a twelve year old with an inferiority complex btw.

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Same here. I couldn't imagine not having it in my household. I control every part of tv entertainment while changing diapers, cooking, dressing, etc. It would be a pain in the ass to have to go back to chasing 2-3 remotes around the house. If mine ever malfunctions, Ill replace it before I go back to remote control hell.

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I wouldn't consider them wireless after reading the article. They still connect to the controller with a wire. If that is what they consider wireless, then every headset on the market is wireless. Sucks, I wouldn't have a problem dropping $300 for a truly wireless headset.

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If Galactic Conquest is going to be added I wont have any issue with dropping $50 on the Season Pass. I get that BF probably needed another year in production, but the new film has forced both EA & DICE's hand. I cant really feel any ill towards them about it. Simply put though, if Galactic Conquest isn't coming Im not buying the dlc.

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The question is "who cares"? Neither MS, or Sony are putting a roof over my head, or food on my table. The opposite is actually true. Im enjoying their product, that is the only I care about.

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While its true that the mechanics in the Walker Assault game mode are similar to the Rush game mode of Battlefield, the gameplay is very different. On a side note, the old Battlefront game mode mechanics were similar to Battlefield as well.

Regarding actual gameplay, anyone that says the games are the same, or even similar, needs to explain theirself. I can drop a quick list of MAJOR gameplay differences between Battlefront and Battlefield.

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Something does need to be done about the power up spawns. A player shouldn't be allowed to camp a particular power up spawn.

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Agreed, it will only get better. The new film is very likely the cause of the somewhat skinny amount of content.

Personally, my only real gripe is currently there is no "bigger picture" for what is offered. A refined and inventive Galactic Conquest could bring all these different game modes together to put a cohesive "big picture" to participation in these game modes. I would be overjoyed to see GC added via dlc, or in a sequel.

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Im 40yrs old, and you are fos.

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Oh, how nice, I get a response. There is NO CAPTCHA in the sign up process. I tried 3 times to sign up but couldnt, because this elusive CAPTCHA doesnt exist.

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The website is fake. I tried to register so I could discuss the review. It wouldnt allow the registration. Said I didnt correctly enter the CAPTCHA. There is no CAPTCHA security in the registration process.

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You are silly. Ive tried registering with the site that put this ridiculious review up, and it doesnt allow me to register. I simply wanted to comment on this review, it isnt allowed. Site is fake.

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I wouldn't say that this game is demanding from a graphical standpoint. Its basically 3D planet/star models surrounded by a wallpaper. There are a lot of XB1 games that are more complex from a graphical standpoint. That isn't to say that what ED does isn't convincing. It looks great no question. If there is anything that I would say is demanding, it would be the number of ships that you can encounter at any given time within a solar system.

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Every single one of you fanboys are pathetic. Take a moment to objectively examine your own behavior, and the behavior of other fanboys. You are behaving like children to put it bluntly. Grow up. I cant tell you when, but I can tell you that at some point in your life you will reflect on this behavior and see how childishly ridiculous it is.

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Absolutely, same situation here. I use voice commands every day on my Xbox. Im even starting to remember commands for my favorite tv channels lol. I don't need a remote at all at this point. I would be lost if I had to go back to searching for and managing two remotes(tv and cable)again.

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I agree. The tutorial in no way prepares you for what the actual game offers. I think its kind of amusing that someone would write a preview based on the tutorial.

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Ive been a gamer for 35yrs, and there is nothing wrong with the word "gamer". Its nothing more than a general term for someone who has gaming as a hobby.

He is attempting to separate himself from a verbally broad term that has been established for decades. Why, is the question here. Is he simply using his creative writing skills to spitball, and hope something gets attention? Was he bullied? Does he feel like he is somehow superior to other people who enjoy games? J...

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Yep, I was an idiot for over 1500hrs. Ive got, or had every exotic multiple times. I can do every role in both raids(Hell I can two man it up to Crota,even on hard). I can solo every Nightfall.TPE,ToO, the Lighthouse, name it Ive done. Ive got every faction ship. Ive got all but 2 of the faction shaders. Yada, yada. You are fooling yourself right now. If I asked you, and you answered honestly, Im willing to bet that you are still playing to gain a particular reward/s. In other words you are p...

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Definately smooth and gorgeous. My only gripe is the demo is a demo. It does a fantastic job at seamlessly introducing the player to what Forza 6 has new. But trying to use the demo as a "main course" for your racing hunger isnt going to work. At least MS and Turn 10 did take enough pity to include Rivals in the demo. Cant really fuss too much, it is just a demo after all.

I cant make this post without mentioning the Indy race. The contrast in speed in the 2 races b...

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