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At least she doesn't sound like a bitchy over critical gamer. The dialog in the trailer was just fine. So what if it sounds a little Spider Man movie like.

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No microsoft did not sell more conoles than Sony last month. Microsoft's hardware revenue was higher because of the release of new controllers, that sell well to PC and Xbox gamers. Sony still sold quite a few more PS5's than Microsoft sold Xbox Series x.

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My thought is that both systems are beasts as far as consoles go. The Xbox X series being slightly more powerful with the GPU, but not enough difference in CPU to make any difference. So you may get games that run 4, 5 maybe more frames faster, but my guess is that most games will have a locked frame rate of either 30 or 60 frames anyway, most probably being locked at 60 FPS. It's not the huge difference that was between PS4 and Xbox 1. I think Sony is going with trying to strike a balan...

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This one is really good, shouldn't miss.

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I think it's the best single player Star Wars game I have ever played and I've played them all.

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You would have to pull a lot something out of your ass to come up with that comparison. I would have hated the game if they had based anything in it on POO Die Pie.

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Should have added that the metacritic scores were for the PC version.

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14 of the 19 reviews on metacritic, as of July 26, gave the game 79 or above, 13 are 80 or above. It's good game that is only 30 dollars. It's a co-op RPG shooter that looks and plays amazingly well. I'm enjoying it and would give it an 85 - 89 out of a 100. It's a better than average game.

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None of the things that people praise him for doing have increased the user base very much, its been third in sales for a while now, if not in the US, worldwide. Nintendo Switch will outsell Xbox One by the end of this generation.

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It's not worth the price for this CE. Games awesome.

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The game looks amazing. Some of the vistas are absolutely beautiful. The changes in the market place make sense for the most part, wouldn't want to wade through a ton NPC's everytime you walk through it, and your will walk through the market quite a bit. the character animation are pretty darn good also especially during cut scenes. All games change during development, mostly for design purposes but also for optimization. It's a pretty good game if you don't spend all your tim...

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You still get to play the games for at least a month. Even if you stop your subscription for a while and then restart it every game you acquire during your subscriptions stays on your account and your able to play them again. For five dollars a month you get free to play games, often very good game discounts, cloud saves and online play. Seems like a good deal to me.

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Giving an average score for each months games does not make much sense and doesn't represent PS pluses value in any real way. There were a lot of great games given to subscribers this year, the value and quality is definitely, without a doubt, their. Not to mention the hundreds of game discounts offered.

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The game is not terrible, but it was not ready for release. Should have been postponed or made an early access game.

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Why do the Xbox Fanboys want to police where people comment. There are plenty of Xbox fanboys commenting on Playstation articles.

Xbox One X is the most powerful console, but not necessarily the best place for gaming. Microsoft is still gunning for a purely serviced based system, both with Xbox and Windows, they have been for a while and they keep trying to convince consumers that is what they want. What I see from gamers, is that they are not going to drink the Microsoft c...

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The patch is 15 gig on PC, not too bad.

Just wanted to say something about the game. Almost all online community based games have problems at launch that need patching, just the way it is. Maybe they should have made this an early access game. They are rolling out patches pretty quickly though.

Also the game isn't terrible, it's pretty good, even playing solo. At first the lack of NPC's is off putting but their is plenty of story if your willi...

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If anyone thinks this Microsoft E3 conference was their best they certainly have very low expectations for Microsoft and it's console. The only thing interesting was the third party announcements. Getting bored with Gears, and Halo, Forza is Forza, not that exciting. Buying studios is great but 4 of th 5 already only developed games for Microsoft. They had a flashy stage, not a fan of. Said they are the best at everything as usual, which I think is a mistake and not true. Wasn't a ter...

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A lot of flash and bravado. A lot of timed exclusives, mostly indie games. Lots of third party game announcement which were good, but didn't carry the show and they will be on other consoles . They bought five game studios. Were any new games announced from those studios? Halo...long way from release, just basically an announcement. A Forza and a Gears game, they looked great......

A flashy stage and them saying we are the best ( you decide) basically. To be honest I ha...

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I thought the show was great, with the exception of there not being any big surprise announcement. Lots of great looking gameplay and graphics, that's all the flash I need. Spiderman, Ghost of Tushima, Last of Us 2, the gameplay and graphics looked amazing, top of the line for video games on any system. No one beats the design and polish of Sony first party games.

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I hope they have a good show, I really do. They need to announce something truly exciting and follow through with it. I like my Xbox One X, but the entire platform feels really generic and has for most of this generation, anyone interested should want them to do better.

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