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People speculate that Gotham is actually cursed, the longer people live there the more they become part of the curse.

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Kojima has said the his vision for the games has always been limited by the technology of the time. Now that Technology is better, it could be making him more excited to make games.

Glad he isn't stopping. Was worried when two years ago he said that the controversy surrounding an "upcoming project" could make him leave the video game industry.

I'm guessing whatever he was worried about isn't as big of a deal as he originally felt it to b...

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The way Microsoft treated Indies in the past has left them a little wary of signing on, along with the parity clause that creates an akward situation if your already near finished with the game on another platform.

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-Edit- Dang it, Lord_Frieza beat me to the punch.

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He joined Riot Games, i.e. League of Legends. Interesting change. While I am confident in Naughty Dog's overall talent pool, I am really sad with these departures.

Especially Amy Hennig, her character writing was lighthearted adventurous and fun. I'm going to miss that.

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I hope its not Jason Todd, I hate his resurrection and new character concept in the Batman universe.

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Wait, What?!

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Cliffy B Cliff notes -

"I'm going to get mad money from this."

"Facebook is great!"

"Notch, why you being such a child"

Real mature Cliff.

Notch's statement about the cancellation was that he doesn't like how facebook has treated gaming developers in the past and that he wants to work with games, not social.

I would hope he takes his business elsewhe...

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For $2billion, you better expect support.

Agreed, with everyone, glad Sony made their own.

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Picture looked like an Analog DJ Controller, I was like "Is a new DJ game being made?"


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Doesn't list the new PC deals Amazon is running up to the 24th.

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Crossing fingers here

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Hope they also increase the battery size, give them more life and some weight.

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I skipped around the video, seems more scary than sexy

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You all disappoint me. This thread should have started with Matrix jokes.


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@Abash, seems like they want to add some dept to the story behind the setting. Titanfall was MP only so that they could make the best FPS MP they could make, to compete with other big hitters like CoD, Halo, etc...

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Yup, no more Gold Sellers and the game drops good items for your class now.

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After the last one being a Stinker, it would of served them better to cool off the franchise, ground themselves in the roots of the franchise and take inspiration from new horror games.

That way the product they make has effort and soul.

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Riddler looks like The Medic from TF2 in those Screens.

"Zis... is unacceptable Batman!"

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Entering for the great Gift


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