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All multiplatform games on the PC are held back because of the console:

Most Multi-platoform games are using dx9 rendering or its OpenGl equivalent so the PC version lacks tessellation, shader model 5.0+ etc and other DX11 or Opengl 4+ features that IT CAN SUPPORT due to this.

Lack of real time lighting/Real Time soft shadows or little use of it because of hardware limitations.

Low resolution textures because BOTH consoles only have 512 megs ...

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And you watch in the end the Xbox360 will end up looking better than the PS3. LOL

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"Sony outlines future PlayStation technology - 8k, 300fps targeted"

Once again Sony exaggerates.

Remember: PS3: 120FPS @ 1080p...

There is NO game in the PS3 Library running 1080p@120fps...
So don't expect to see 8K-300FPS anytime soon from Sony or Any other console company that uses fixed static hardware such as consoles.
You will see this type of gaming on the PC first.

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Postal 1 was the only game worth buying. Shame Running with Scissors....

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Yet Steam is quite successful....
Digital only content failed for Sony and the PSP, yet it is successful for Valve(Steam)


Depending on your business model, it can be successful or not.
Sony's business model was not viable for this.
So yes, Kaz is correct. It is NOT possible at this time FOR SONY.

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With the Razor tablet and the above, this is only the beginning.
There is going to be a major shift in the mobile gaming market and its coming fast.
Exciting times

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Don't give out your personal information and you will be fine.
If you give out this information hoping to get something for nothing, go withGod when you get ripped off. It's your fault.

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You cannot say anything positive about Microsoft or Nintendo on N4G...unless of course you want to lose bubbles and get many disagrees and restriction bans.

Remember, only Sony on N4G opens and buys new game studios! No one else!

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I think its obvious that the PS4 won't be announced at E3 this year.
Even Patcher can't get that wrong...

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The PS4 is coming sooner than 2014...
Simple fact is the WiiU will be out before then...

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"Is it too soon for a new Xbox and PlayStation?"


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It will be earlier then this...especially with the WiiU coming out.

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More games and a price drop and sales for the Vita will rise...
Exactly what happened with the 3DS.

Not too many consumers will shell out $250 for a hand held gaming device....History has shown this time and again.

The Vita will do just fine. Enough of these doom day articles.

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Hey i want to see this on the PC Opheus. You can whine if you want but a possible port of this game with possible:

Better frame rates

Better graphics

Multiple choices for controls would be a great resolve for such an already stellar game

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Waiting for the:

"North American sales do not matter..."

Anyway get prepared for war in this thread and break out the crunch and munch because it's going to get HOT in here...

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For the core gamer, this is a good price. For the average consumer that unfortunately makes up most of the buying market demographics for mobile gaming, its not.

Price is suggestive depending on your buying habits and gaming hobbies.
Saying that, you do get a lot of great technology from the Vita for $250. However, average consumers do not see this and just see the $250 price tag that was never popular or successful for a hand held device in the past

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"Why the Wi-Fi PS Vita Dominates Over the 3G"

Because it will be cheaper.

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Sony has been in Financial restructure 3 times since the 1990's and is in Financial restructure now.
Sony is not going anywhere and will come out of this and turn things around, but they are far from being "pretty damn productive and successful" right now.

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It was announced sometime ago.
It looks amazing and running on the Frostbite 2.0 engine also. Pure WIN

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From a SALES and demographic point of view? Yes. The iPhone/Tablets etc. is slowly taking over that market because developers for those games can make cheaper games with little to no overhead and cost...which translates to larger margins for them.

From a quality standpoint? No. Without dedicated controls, Smartphones/Tablets have not caught up with the quality of dedicated hand held gaming...or the scope of those games.

However, Smartphone gaming at this poin...

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