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The problem is the "downtime", error 37.
Some people decided to boycott a single player game that.. you.. cannot play because the servers for the *SINGLE* player game are offline.
I can understand this decision.

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@3.1 MistaDonzie
Dude, the problem with the hot coffee mod was not that "it was content that was already on the disc", it wasn't even 100% that "it was content that hasn't been presented to the ESRB".
The problem was, pure and simple: American mothers and curchgoers went MOTHERF*IN BERSERK over it. Sex in a video game?! You could CONTROL it??!! You could press the X button on every hump??
THAT was the problem. Also, Jack Thompson. Google him...

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I played Mirror's Edge the first playthrough with the red stuff disabled. It was much more a "Tomb Raider"-like experience. I loved it.
Gonna do the SAME THING with this Hitman game. I am gonna disable everything that helps, the only thing I want is a map that tells me where everyone is, because I am used to that feature and love it.
Then I am gonna spend my hours upon hours trying to find a way to get to my target.

BUT if every level is like thi...

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This is not video game news.
Every damn f*in CoD game, every console exclusive, every game that is a little bigger gets "news" at least twice a day, even WORSE after it is released.

"Why the PSG1 sucks in COD"
"Why I think that the spawn times are too big"
"This mod is cool"
"5 reasons you should buy this game for christma...

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OMG I lol'd.

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"Treyarch dev talks innovation"

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This is for all you guys:
[Warning: contains nostalgia]

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Rofl, I have never heard about this game, but OMG.. there's a new South Park video game?!?
No matter the genre, count me the f* in!!

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Couldn't agree more.
I mean, I did play it highly modded .. more loaded environment cells, high range detailed trees/bushes, high-res textures for the distant ground ... but still.
Skyrim really seems like it's hand-crafted inch by inch. It is just amazing. Still loving it 100%. ^^

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If it would have been the CoD Series I would have agreed 100%, the first CoD games were f*in BLAST.
But still, even the MW1+2 campaigns are still worth playing. Leave multiplayer aside, and you have 2 really fun, thrilling campaigns.

All in all I would say a nice list, some games that I really should try are mentioned.
The main problem is - of course - the platforms.. some games I will simply NEVER play because I don't, for instance, have a 360 to play Gea...

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BF3 sales on PC have suffered enormously because of the Origin-disaster, which still isn't resolved.
At least in Germany.. the outcry has been MASSIVE, you could read about it in every damn newspaper.
EA shot itself right in its f*ing knee.

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I liked the Kajiit joke, namely because I play one and would honestly agree to the statement that he is badass.

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Funny, the same is being said about Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti).

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WHAT?? I loved Niko.
I liked him the first time I layed eyes on him in the Debut trailer.
I loved his accent, his dreams that didn't come true, his past that was haunting him, the way he dealt with it ...

Sure, Tommy Vercetti was still more awesome, but hands down, he was the most awesome psychopath that R* has ever created.
Edit: I think Niko had the deepest personality yet for a GTA main character.

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@1.2.1 nycredude:
Those screens are modded, the RAM is expanded (usually Skyrim only uses 2 GB of RAM, no matter how much you actually have). You can then tweak it to load more bigger background environments, more details in there, etc. So it will eventually look like those screens. Of course, without a good PC, you can't do it.
Not all mods effect performance though. Night-Sky simply replaces the image for the night sky, and effects the performance 0%.


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LOL I don't understand the hate for spiders. I love them. I kill them one hit with my bow, not even in stealth. Funny how they try to poison me and I smash them against the next wall.

Anyway... holy freaking GOD look at these screenshots.
Gotta try this out at once. Although I am not sure my PC will be able to do this. xD

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Fully agree with you two. Last 3 days were Skyrim, sleep, eat something, Skyrim.

But why the hell are tips to get some unique items "Video Game NEWS"??? I hate this.
These are tips on how to do some stuff. Not NEWS. Goddammit.
Who wants to read those anyways?? Full of spoilers.

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Fully agree. I don't read 99% of the Skyrim articles and didn't see any trailer besides the original announcement trailer.
FULLY worth it. Best game I have played in a WHOLE f*in while. Spent the whole weekend playing it, 10/10 game so far, don't expect that to change.
But this article was really spoiler-free. Good read.
Glad I hang with Light Armor! =D Wasn't sure about it at first.

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Wut I got 7 disagrees?
lol, well I'll stand by it. ^^

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