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Yep. Anyone who doesn't know "tgm", "tcl" and "qqq" should seriously f*in play some Bethesda games.

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Was Shivering Isles really DLC? Wasn't it an add-on that you could buy on Disc?

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Oh come on, I don't really see the problem here.
Vice City, San Andreas & Bully had the same (100%, model & texture) snack & drink machines, you know where you could spend 1$ and get some health replenished (in SA). I noticed that at some point. Nobody made a video about that, I sure as hell didn't either.

I mean really, come on guys. I 'dislike' what has become of the gaming industry probably as much as anyone else here, but this is THEIR ...

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5 reasons he doesn't buy the game ...
500 reasons I don't at all care about that.

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LOL @ sad panda.
I should also use this, a lot.

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It would be a hell of a lot easier to judge over these vids if they weren't in the lowest possible resolution.
You post an article about graphics, what is the best thing you can POSSIBLY do to get the best out of it? Compress the videos to 240p or something.
Yay! Fail.

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Put "official" in one of the 239895047 GTA speculation "news" and you get hits.
Although you f*in lied.

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If there's a fighter jet flying in low altitide in the first trailer..
I mean how more obvious can it get?

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When I saw the map in the story image, I thought "oh no they didn't, no they didn't, they didn't ACTUALLY post a 4chan rumor".
Oh my... trolled hard.

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Most of all because the video is CLEAAARLY as f* not a GTA V trailer. Too many reasons to list them all.

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One visit to gamerankings.com:
Gears 3: 91%, which is absolutely awesome.
UC3: 94%. Sorry but this is absolutely incredibly f*in awesome.

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OK this may be, but the timespan between first trailer and launch wasn't as big.

And this will be the same.

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lol, were there really people who doubted this? I mean with GTA IV, they did the same thing .. make a teaser site with a countdown for the first trailer, which was around October.
Two more trailers followed, I think till Christmas, and the game was released around march.

Unless they DRASTICALLY changed their marketing strategies, and there is no reason to believe this, this will go almost the same. They wouldn't announce a GTA game that will only release in like.....

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He says that it will most likely stay in the US - here we go with London.

Look at this: http://revolt-tech.com/?p=1...
I LOVE the idea of a native american. You start in a reservoir and go somewhere else.
Imagine the start of a GTA game somewhere in a desert-like setting, with today's graphics.
Imagine getting into the big city the first time ..... how they (R*) could introduce their cit...

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I lol'd.
But seriously I have spent the days before GTA IV's trailer(s) the same.
Instantly changed the desktop background to the GTA IV/V logo. Always keeping an eye out for the next hint, the new discovery.. and then the trailer hit, and we all just sat there for days and analyzed every frame of it.

So in that sense, yeah, I am a fucking nerd.

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The obvious problem of this article that most people fail to understand is that those "leechers" wouldn't necessarily have bought the game.

Fun Fact about pirates you might not know 1. A pretty high amount of people see it as a chance to try a game and then decide whether they buy it.
Fun Fact about pirates you might not know 2. For example if they like the art design, the overall graphics, if the game runs OK on their system etc.
Fun Fact about ...

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I know that feel, bro.
I am trying to finish an exam before that, because, well, when Skyrim hits... we all know what will be #1 priority.

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If he really has that kind of money, he should've donated.
This is what's wrong about our nice western society.

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I had to go down half the page till I could find a comment that was about the milking.
Proves that idiots will eat anything up.

A few years ago, things used to be in the game you *pay*.

For those who can't remember because they are either too young or too stupid:

1. You went to a store (no DL shit).
2. You would purchase a full-price game that had a ton of content.
3. You would go home and install the game.

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