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Gotta agree with this.
One other mistake was making the demo even shorter. The demo had a playthrough time of 5 minutes, if you didn't rush.
Wow I was extremely disappointed. They shouldn't have done that.

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Brings very much truth to the old statement "Quality over Quantity".
Some devs these days should really reconsider their strategy. They aren't doing things that will people have remember their names, they're doing everything to be as forgettable as a mayfly.
But I guess it has always been this way, it's not just devs 'these days' ...

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The "if you don't like it, don't do it"-attitude sadly hasn't much followers. Well it's probalby better this way.. if you look at extremists.

Anyway .. when I read the first Resi5 related "Racism"-article, I was hoping this would be the last I would ever see...
Sadly, it wasn't, at all...
Just hope this one won't go the same way.

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Yeah, like I said, those are from the infamous websites. Probably 99% from one specific one, a much less amount from maybe IRC channels or people who already know each other (facebook, etc).

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Anonymous is not a "legion of hackers"...
Basically it's maybe.. 5-10 guys who do the hacking, they then go to some notorious websites and find, so to say, some rookies who want to join in on the fun.
Ever heard of the term script-kiddie? They basically provide all the tools, for example to do a DoS attack, and as other anonymous people join, they can eventually bring down a server.
Once they don't have fun anymore, it'll be over. This is not the ...

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Screenshot or it didn't happen!

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Sorry but the title right there is flawed. They don't follow any logic, they just have fun in using the new technology that the internet has brought us. That's the only logic.
It's maybe about some sort of 'message', but that is just an excuse for the fun they have doing what they do.

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"lol well like 30 min ago i left chocolate rain on the judge’s voicemail lawl"
Haha, sorry, but I lol'd.

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Your 'man' juice would have been more believable without the "xDDD".

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Rofl wut?
What do the words 'chron' and 'bogartin' mean, seriously? I don't get it.

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I am REALLY looking forward to 5 out of 6 games on the list.
Not a list for me. Moving on.

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Rofl, I bet his laywer kicked his ass HARD that he should better shut the f* up with all this posing as the almighty untouchable.

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Wow .. a person that can afford to buy a newly released game on two different platforms shouldn't complain, you can probably also afford a high-end PC with out a problem.

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Haha if that turns out to be true, I'm gonna loose all f*in hope in humankind, thus might smash my head against something repeatedly.

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Oh God yes pleaaaaaase ....

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Or rather: "Includes all DLC including the DLC that also was on the disc before".

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It's easy:
1. You expect to spend a LOT of time with a video game, compared to a movie you see in the cinema or a music CD you can just lay aside, or a TV program that's crappy - you just switch channels.
2. Video Games are expensive. I don't wanna spend 60+ € on a crappy piece of sh*t game that I hate after 20 minutes.
3. It probably also has to do with the age of the comparatively 'young' medium, but I think those first two are the main reasons.

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WOW.. OMG dude really???
I mean.. really????
How f*in ignorant can it get.

Judging from those screenshots, 360 has *BY FAR* the worst graphics, they're downright crappy!!! I mean really, what screenthots were you looking at??
Look at the screen I attached. It looks like an alpha build from a 2005 game. Just Cause 1 had better graphics. Hell, even the first GeOW had better graphics.
If I were a 360 owner, I'd be kinda pissed really by th...

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