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I dunno if they can top the whole Jenny thing. Pretty disturbing but also the highlight of the entire game I would say.

The first one was pretty easy on all difficulties too, until you reached nazi land (shot to death from nowhere), hopefully they can make the darkness power a little less all-powerful, or vary the enemy types some more.

The more I think about a Darkness sequel the more I think of how much the first one served as a great one-shot game. I'm...

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Some aren't I'm sure, but every one I ever stepped foot into was (4 out of 4).

Blockbuster on the other hand is pretty lulzy. They were all "360 wut-wut" until they realized that Xbox's are almost the opposite to the business they run. Anyone ever hear of Netflix? How many times have you heard the word "Netflix" during the NXE launching (and after). So aside from the software sales of the 360, I'm sure they'd rather just axe it complete...

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I'm hoping for a part in KZ3 where they come across an abandoned Helghast library or historical center where you can watch or even play through some highlighted events in the Killzone universe. They need some sort of history lesson or nobody will ever care about what they're trying to achieve with storytelling.

As far as the average Killzone 2 player is concerned, Killzone 2 offers buttery smooth and satisfying gunplay, amazing graphics, cool enemies, and fantastic se...

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I think Sony took a look at their upcoming sequels, and came to the conclusion that when the games in question were being released the first/second time, gamers everywhere SAW gameplay, SAW a bunch of what the games had to offer early on, and despite the element of surprise being gone, gamers were salivating over what was revealed until they finally were released. It's just one big teasing game that's been proven to work. I know what run-on sentences are, and I absolutely love them bt...

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Move, 3D, and Natal have all been pretty "meh" so far as far as I can tell, I'm a bit worried that they're all going down the wrong path with the 3D/Motion stuff. I'm glad that I'm one of those game-playing folk that considers all games timeless. I could easily cover my eyes for the duration of this generation and be completely happy with anything I decide to play. Not that I WANT to do that, however. I'm just saying I hope I can keep my facepalms to a minimum un...

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You said it.

I'd love to see Sony Santa Monica do a Twisted Metal game, or even a full-blown Carmageddon (Not sure who owns the rights to that game these days, I'll have to Google that later or something.).

Something with cars that can keep me entertained for more than a few races is all I really want. TM and Carmageddon are still top notch on my list of vehicle games.

Edit: Oh, btw. What did you think about that hidden content in TM ...

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Object oriented ftw huh?

Have you tried Ruby? I hear it's the sh1t!

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I think one of the big incentives for Activision is not only getting a 10-year money-funnel with Bungie's next IP, Bungie will probably release content for their new universe every 2 years (or less if you count DLC). Release windows like that should be acceptable for a hungry company like Activision, and hey, it's Bungie. If they can successfully carry over what made Halo great and apply that to another universe, all the power to them, Activision stands to benefit.

I think Activi...

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Trust me, they'll defeat the purpose of Natal before we know it. No controller will not work with games that require you to move a character about in a 3D space. Think of playing something like Oblivion, or any game for that matter. You can't just move your body around and travel for miles, your living room is only so big. They'll be forced to implement some sort of controller solution or there won't be any way to move your character around in a practical way.

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I can see it work perfectly fine with the Move. natal, however, is missing that physical "I've got a light sabre in my hand" feeling. There's also no analog sticks anywhere in the Natal design that I've seen, so how would one move around at the same time?

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I'm waiting for the "just kidding" announcement.

This makes little to no sense, any of it.

Then again, if you think about it, Bungie has been hanging off the fattest tits in the biz since the development of Halo 1... So I guess that makes more sense when I think of it that way. They're not with MS anymore, so where else would one go when looking for that elusive development dollar?

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Haven't looked forward to a Halo game since Halo 2, I really like all the new features and graphical update they're bringing to the table. Looks great!

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Now that was time well spent.. Or wasted. Nah, spent.

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It sure would be neat to be able to not necessarily wave gestures to do things, but point in directions as a sort of auto scrolling feature. I'd like to see that implemented right. My only concern is that who would hold the "remote" then? Would a pet running by accidentally change the channel or flip through menus by accident? There IS potential there, it's just a matter of executing it properly.

I believe Natal can and will enhance aspects of the games we play everyda...

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^Yessssss! More of that!

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The AI (while amazing in most situations) was a little too easy to confuse when you got close to them. For example, you can bait most them them into lowering their weapons and backing off and shooting them. This works especially well against the knifing Helghast that carry SMG's. You can make them stand there and swap to the knife until you feel like killing them. Just don't stop moving backwards, lol...

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I want to see the human side of the Helghast, I'd like to feel bad for them but the game presents them as if they were all manufactured from the same assembly line. More close quarters combat with the ability to pick up most objects to use as weapons. The pretty graphics and weighty controls are perfect for it.

Hmmm. People want so much out of the multiplayer, and I guess it's to be expected. Co-op will almost always be a tacked-on feature, and with co-op comes less epic and scri...

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If his blog update was any indication, they're starting the cinematics, which take a while to make (I think I can quote him on saying "like a year"). Sooo... I'm going to assume we won't see anything major until the first few are finished so they can unveil some of that game we all want to see so badly..

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Clock Tower 1 you barely had anything to defend yourself with. Talk about feeling helpless and surviving a nightmare. If only more games took the gun out of your hand for ONE second to make you survive on wits.

Clock Tower is another series I'll miss too, though. :(

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