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But this is the kind of 'analysis' that your stats profs warn you about in introductory courses. 'Wow, 98% of people with broken Ford trucks are dissatisfied with Ford! Amazing!'...

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There, I said it. It was super-fun back in the day, but try playing it now.

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I was actually interested in Kingdom Under Fire. Well, better save my money then...

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Hmm... maybe the fanboyism is getting to your head. I don't see any of my comments as being Sony-insulting or pro-Microsoft...

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And I hope for your sake that you are too...

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Are they talking about the console-specific awards?

EDIT: Umm, I guess they are. Well kudos to Sony bagging such awards as 'PSP Game of the Year' and 'Best story on a PS3 game'!

EDIT @crazy25000: Hey, I didn't try to report the story! I'm comenting on how inane their write-up is.

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"Think about it, if major nelson did a show where all he did was talk about how horrible the 360 was and how great the PS3 is, 360 fanboys would be foaming at the mouth in outrage."

Umm... Obviously you don't listen to IGN Three-Red-Lights...

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I agree with you, for example Shadow of the Colossus is one of my favorite games of the last gen, and that was innovative as hell. There are innovative games on Sony consoles.

However, for the PS3Blog to claim that one should ignore the competition because Sony has the innovative games is pure fanboyism. I don't think that BioShock being innovative is only my own personal opinion - check out meta-critic's summaries.

Blockbuster exclusives do sell systems, but the...

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I am a big fan of the PlayStation brand, but there are an awful lot of '3 pluses' coming after the names of titles lately (i.e. GoW 3, MGS 4, RaC 5, etc.). I've gotten less and less excited about each new J RPG because I find the combat systems are essentially similar in each one.

BioShock is an innovative take on FPSs. Mass Effect's combat system is an innovative step in RPGs and so on.

Don't get me wrong, it's not like LittleBigPlanet and Eye of Judgment aren'...

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While I agree that the folks at GameSpot and IGN can be downing about the PS3, it's hard to deny that Xbox 360 has received some amazingly innovative titles this year. You don't have to bash one console in order to enjoy another. Fanboys are 'teh' dumb.

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I think that SO3 was excellent and really got a bum rap that it didn't deserve. I hope that Eternal Sonata (and unfortunately Blue Dragon) sell well so that Squenix is tempted to go 360 as well..

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In his review, is the guy actually admitting that he's still on the first disc of the game??? Isn't it umm... pretty lame to review a game that you're less than half-way through?

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I love my Xbox 360 and all but Sonic 2!?!?! If they did actually 'sell' this stuff (and according to the source it's 'sold'), maybe it's some kind of pre-Halo 3 anticipation?

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I just want to point something out:

The Wii is doing very well right? They've got lots of software and great sales, so their marketing people tend to say things like 'We're very pleased with the strength of our brand and its great titles'.

The Xbox 360, is also pretty damned successful in its own right, and while once in a while they'll take a dig at Sony (which I don't like), MS is usually promoting itself by pointing to their strong sales and software lineup. ...

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The Blu-ray player market is too 'niche' at the moment, and Sony can't afford to take the focus off games (like they've been doing for umpteen months now). Back to games please!

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And I don't appreciate being forced to pay for it. If the PS3 had a BR player at no extra cost, than it would be a MASSIVE perk, but I'm not going to buy/rent any Blu-rays so why should I pay for it?

I'm not doubting that many people actually want a Blu-ray player. But don't be surprised that it's not driving the sales of the PS3 as much as Sony hoped. Maybe some day, when there are more titles out and it's way cheaper I'll be interested. I still prefer Video Game consoles to b...

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Oh I won't cancel the pre-order (but there are so many games I want this holiday!).

I like EGM a lot, but I have to agree that their scores are a bit wonky sometimes. The real problem is that they've got people on both sides of the fence that sometimes end up over-hyping stuff. For example, Dan Hsu is pretty good, but he's obviously a console shooter Xbox kind of guy, and he tends to be pretty negative about MGS games. On the other hand Shane Bettenhausen is as hardcore a Sony...

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I pre-ordered it because OXM gave it 8/10 and IGN has been really positive about it so far. I've really like the stuff that this studio has worked on in the past (I assume it's people from Tri-Ace) and all their previous games (Star Ocean 3, Radiata Stories, Valkyrie Profile 2) got really mixed reviews as well...

Well, I hope I can stomach my way through it since I've already slapped down the dough!

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Except that it's actually cheaper to just keep an Xbox and buy a 360 than trade in the PS2 to go towards a PS3. And it doesn't really matter because I will agree with any Sony fanboy that the original Xbox was a pretty pathetic system (in software library) compared to the PS2 (I personally never even considered buying an Xbox).

But that's not the point. The point is that I don't care how well built the PS3 is, or how its got an integrated Blu-ray drive. All I see is the fact th...

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And for the love of God PS3 fanboys, stop being all sour-grapes about the fact that most people actually don't care about the PS3. I'm a huge PS2 fan and even I don't think that the PS3 has enough compelling software yet to justify widespread purchase (not to mention the price).

We'll see what happens next year, but stop pretending that we're all idiots for buying and enjoying 360s. The PS3 isn't off my radar, but I (and most of the damned world obviously) aren't interested ri...

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