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"FROM Software actually compressed their files instead of having 50-100GB bloat, must be a short game." - Dummies that don't know that new games are often uncompressed and that's why their filesizes are absurdly large and have simply accepted this as the new norm

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That's literally the opposite of truth.
"while PQube has worked with all relevant age rating bodies in their respective territories, PQube must respectfully comply with the wishes of the platform holder and have therefore withdrawn any future plans for Omega Labyrinth Z’s European and North American release on PS4 and PS Vita"
OLZ had a rating of PEGI 18 and ESRB M, which collaborates that they worked with the rating boards and got a rating. Sony is the platfo...

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Is it the one that will let me play the game instead of crashing on start-up?

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Literally none of this is new, the post was a recap of things that had been revealed and stated as such. Jesus Christ journos, get it together.

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Other censored video games on Steam have had official patches that uncensor them, don't see why this one's getting flak. Is it them posting it directly in the comments?

"violating Steam’s Terms of Service is the height of unethicality"
Not even close.
"I have reached out to Valve for official comment."

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IIRC, DOA was exclusive to Xbox due to Itagaki's preference and not due to a deal between Team Ninja and Microsoft.

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"Games have meaning and purpose"
The only thing required of a game is gameplay. 'Meaning and purpose' isn't required, much less one you seem to think you're in charge of deciding.

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Yes, the load times were terrible.

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Skylanders - Look like Neopets and, yes, they did ruin Spyro. Dude looks nothing like himself.

Disney Infinity - Look neat, but it's for one game (if I recall correctly) and the statues match Disney Infinity's style instead of how they actually looked.

Nintendo - Look neat, can be used for a few games and will be used for more as time goes on, character's are in their style instead of one uniform style.

See the difference?

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I assumed the "two" was referring to the number of years, I see now.

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For it to be character assassination the person needs to A) be malicious, B) be unjustified, and C) his target's reputation/credibility must be considered good. He also didn't tell half-truths, manipulate facts, or outright lie.

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I wasn't aware it was June, 2015. Thanks for telling us, I'll make sure to change the calendar.

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3 versions of the same game in ~1.5 years. Apparently it wasn't The Last of Us, because it keeps coming back.

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It's hard to say "if you don't like it then go to sites that are more in line with what you care about" when the writers, editors, etc. pressure other writers, editors, etc. into reporting/not reporting about things they like/don't like.

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Still trying to bring the attention back on herself, I see.

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Pointless, everybody and their dog knows Mario and co. You really can't "expose [their games and characters] to a wider audience" when pretty much everybody who plays games at least recognizes or has heard of your characters.

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Not every game is for every person. Sorry your schedule doesn't work out for you.

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Bungie screwed up on some things (story, the "Dinklebot hacks locked door, kill waves, proceed to boss" formula being reused too much) but the amount of hate this game gets is honestly ridiculous at times for the good things they have (actual gameplay, lore, atmosphere, upgrades, etc). Also, it really doesn't take 20 in-game hours to hit Lvl 20 unless you move at a snail's pace.

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You forgot "So long, and thanks for all the fish".

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I know it's been posted earlier on here but seeing as this is still getting new comments I felt it would be prudent to mention that they weren't actually doxxed by /v/, or 4chan in general, and there's quite a few things that point to it being a false flag. Earlier posts here have a link or two that you should read/watch if you haven't.

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