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You're kidding, right? This is probably the most innovative music game since the original guitar hero.

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But you're not really getting them for free. You're paying $50 for a service in which these games are a major feature. If getting ~6 solid games is the primary reason I'm spending this $50 this year, I'm going to keep them.

It's flawed to think of these games as free. The majority of your subscription is going towards paying for them. My issue is that I'm paying for what is really just a long-term rental of them. I'd rather pay $15 per game for t...

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I disagree, I think this is pretty practical. The Xbox controller has long been a major pain for movies/music/etc. It's way too easy to accidentally hit a shoulder button and have to painfully rewind or fast forward to where you were. And if you're idle for more than a few min, the controller turns off and takes 10 seconds to turn back on just so you can pause.

The controller free navigation and media controls are the main reason I'm probably going to get Kinect...

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What kills it for me is what happens when you unsubscribe. Yes, my first year's subscription would get me Wipeout HD and half a dozen other games for "free," but if I decide not to renew next year I can't even play this year's games anymore. It strings you along by removing the content you paid for in year 1 if you don't pay in year 2.

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You probably haven't seen it then. Go to a show in Vegas, it's really awesome.

I wouldn't mind if they said no to corporate gigs though...

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Don't mean to patronize, but you know Kevin Butler is a character played by an actor, right? His twitter account is run by someone at Sony PR and is an extremely clever way to get funny little jabs at the competition.

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Do you know what "dollars to donuts" means? Stop posting Cannata's speculation and claiming it is news. :P

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Haha they also named it the Xbox in the first place, which is a horrible name everyone has just gotten used to. I'm kind of pleasantly surprised by the final name for Natal. At least it's not like "Camera+" or something as unimaginative as "Xbox."

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The spelling is like that because it's a portmanteau of "kinetic" and "connect." Clever, but not super catchy.

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They're changing colors as part of the Cirque du Soleil show. Weird, but the press I'm following on twitter have actually been saying it's cool.

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He clearly hasn't left as he's still tweeting about it. Thanks for linking him however, as I'm now following him as he tweets about the show every couple minutes. I don't think they're supposed to do this, so I hope he can keep it up.

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Interesting, I'd say that's a pretty good guess. So it might be more accurate to call them NON-interactive ponchos.

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That's related to the Cirque du Soleil show. The press isn't actually PLAYING Natal/Kinect tonight if I understand correctly.

@below: Tweets say all their ponchos are now green. They change colors as part of the show.

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Right, because N4G represents a perfect slice of the target demographic of Natal.

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This writer doesn't seem to know what side he is on. It calls going multiplatform a "mistake" and then devotes half the article to discussing how strongly it paid off for SE. Not very convincing if your point is that it was a mistake...

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I do like the look. This isn't really "rebranding" though. It's just changing the look of their box art. It's not like they've tossed out the Xbox 360 name and are calling it Wave or something else here.

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I second koh08's list, with two extra retorts.

The portal gun isn't a weapon at all. It opens doors as a tool to solve clever puzzles. That's it. It may have a trigger and "gun" in its nickname, but it is not a weapon and to evaluate it as one is foolish.

It's not called hype when the game has been out for 3 years. It's called popularity because it is a great and much beloved game. "Overhyped" implies it's something...

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PSA: Every time you approve a submission with the name of the game misspelled in the title, a kitten drowns.

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It certainly has a bad reputation for faulty hardware on N4G and similar sites, but we are clearly not the demographic Microsoft is reaching for this year. I'm not convinced that non-gamers, casual gamers who might not have a PS2 but not a next-gen console, and Wii owners are actually aware of it.

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People knew LBP2 was coming? That surprised me, especially since they had said a sequel would never be necessary for it.

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