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Even though this will be nothing like Super Smash Bros. I would love sony to design a game like that. Sony has more than enough characters. I would love to slap the sh!t out of someone off stage using sackboy.

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Xbox has good characters but there's just no character that matches the gore of MK.

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Im thinking Last Guardian's Visuals will be the best of 2011. Although it's hard to judge based on KZ3's atmosphere and explosions or even Uncharted 3's experience.

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Seriously if Sony Announces Starhawk next year, then I will be a bit angry because theres no way I can afford these games. Sony im a broke college student, there is only so many textbooks I can sell back!

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I signed up to plus 30 minutes ago. Already downloaded so much of the free stuff I know it was atleast $15 so im content. The beta made me sign up and im glad I did.

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Sony just hooked my $50 with that BETA.. Gives me a chance to see all the other discounts also. Touche Sony...

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I havent played gears so idk if they have a character that does what kratos does. I mean Kratos fits perfectly with the gut ripping and head tearing. If Gears does have such a character then why not.

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omg the customization just at the beginning of the game are excellent. Will definetly try this out.

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I believe I saw a move commercial last week, I wasnt to sure I was on the computer. I know ive seen that damn BK commercial where she's playing the burger over and over. Its good to see some good advertising but im so going to McDonalds.

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I would think this would be common sense. Until WoW loses its millions of people paying for it monthly of course they're happy.

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The voice acting is actually done really well. Cudos to GG

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Seriously will Sony have exclusives for 2012, I mean this is straight overkill. I know I wont be able to afford half of the games coming out. Well guess ill sell some books. Games > College Textbooks.

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I was really only plannin on LBP2,Last guardian, KZ3 and Infamous 2 next year.. I dont know if I can afford anymore next year.

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haha nice comment Jaffe

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Very comprehensive. Good review

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wow $1,699.98 for a 46" 3D LED with ps3 + GT5 + blu ray.... I think I might just bite this christmas.

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Good review he definitely played enough to give a in depth review.

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I couldnt finish that review.. excellent review up to the part where I needed to stop. Ill have to finish it later. Very thorough.

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My name is blasian and I was a wowhead... I must resist... i cant go back.. i wont.... maybe just a peek O.O

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Infamous 2 will be better then beat by uncharted 3 which is then beaten by infamous 3.. after that who knows.

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