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You're trying to hard to troll. Just relax take a deep breath and try again when you're ready.

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haha created an account just to bash Move in all of your comments. Dude thats really pathetic you have to try and convince yourself its so bad. smh

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Your comment history says enough. Haters gonna hate.

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That is just sick. I mean seriously I would love to see a real prototype of this machine.

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Mercedes SLS AMG.. soon my precious we will be together.

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One race track 2 years? Damn thats crazy. 60 Million does not seem that bad since we all know it will break 1 million sales easily, and I think prologue paid for most of the project.

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Seriously with all those great racing minds put into a single game, this will be an damn good.

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Dont mind just keep the game challenging.

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I admit I would probably say every unholy word in the book if that happened but if you thought you felt great after beating Demons Souls then how would u feel beating it without dieing? Would make you wanna wake up the neighbors and tell them of your adventures.

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Yes! Keep the same difficulty and I hope they add in that feature they were planning to in Demons Souls where if you died it deletes your saved game. That would seperate the men from the boys!

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"Hardware Mouse, faster UI, more guildleves more often" Thank god! Looking forward to it even more now

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I liked it. I pretty much like anything with some good bass in it but HHG did his thing.

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360 will probably take this xmas break with reach and slim. The real test will be next year to see how Microsoft will do considering they havent been to keen on bringing out anymore games besides kinect shovelware.

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Where was the infamous crotch grab

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It really was a neat idea if you just think about yourself being the controller. Although it just is not possible to play so many different games without buttons. There are only a certain amount of gestures or moves the user can do without injuring themselves in the act. Also I believe Microsoft should have invested more for 1:1, I believe they took out some sort of chip to save money. Even if its a great concept it just cannot be done right now.

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I didnt even think if you're playing kinect and your friend says pause just to be a jerk. LOL

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damn.... at that age my mom would have beat the feeling out of me... sign here up for bootcamp

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I cant remember what interview it was but the creator said they were thinking of making it where if you died your saved game was deleted. I dont even think I could grasp thinking about something like that.

Edit Eggbert that could be it. Im 20 so my years started at SEGA running around with sonic. Ive played a few NES games but not many. I should go buy a NES just to bring the challenge of gaming back.

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I personally do not like nascar but if I have to unlock all cars to get platinum then hello nascar.

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Nice custom soundtrack. Ill be jamming while playing that sword game.

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