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Lookin at LBP2 in Jan, then KZ3 in Feb, then Socom in Mar... i see ill need to cut back on some spending.

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Ya I wear a fossil watch from JCpennys which was like $35 but I will not hesitate to wear this one if i win.

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I'd happily pay for some DLC such as new levels with even tougher bosses. I want another boss that gave me the same feeling when fighting flamelurker for the first time.

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That last one would be perfect with the girls if someone pastes pedobear's face through the window lol

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"ALSO enjoy playing the original Saints Row game and this is exclusive to the Xbox 360. ALSO, Xbox Live is an amazing online gaming experience and I enjoy having the ability to download games through Xbox Live and play with friends at any time during the day. ALSO the Xbox 360 console starts at just 199.99."

poor ALSO is being abused.

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That kid in the first video turned around so quick with a look like "woman hit me again and see what happens"

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haha the spam bots are getting good...

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As long as I have my AMG and Mclaren I need nothing else.

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Yes custom tracks are confirmed.

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Ill be hating PD while I play! Dam u yamauchi... god i luv this game... i hate u PD... god i luv this mercedes...

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The point of GT5 is it has everything in one package. With GT5 you dont need to switch to mario kart, PGR, or nascar. Its all on one disk.

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Very nice read. I had flashbacks when you said Grandia and breath of Fire. I agree that turn-based RPGs should still be welcome. A remake of either one of those games or legend of Dragoon would be excellent.

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What will I do if i cant slap some spinners on my Mercedes.. /s

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Finally :D Glad its midweek I can take off some days.... Coming down with... the flu....

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Seriously that rain video looks lifelike down to the detail. Its kind of scary

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I actually liked the intro because it was something different.

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haha dude messaged him saying "please.... "

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Wow impressive updates. Will definitely have to check this out.

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That was one of the best fan made videos.

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Sony needs to take some of that and advertise my GT5.

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