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vaccine kills

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vaccine kills

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the pcvr market was rediculous from beginning .there was too many headsets and it was a chaos .oculus quest 2 was so logical and people love it and its a good path for pc vr market .oculus quest 3 will be great too . the truth is that valve failed with its bulky and rediculous headset and its prices .oculus won this market

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im so excited for this show and ea show .even more than nba finals

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its so crazy .its like we have playstation 8 .wow . just wow.i cant wait for this nanite to take off. no more bad draw distance stupid lod problems game quality assets ....its so wild .at last we have cgi quality games this time for real

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its not like old times .this time people really checked it out and unreal 5 can do magic .

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first unreal 5 game .
some cool remasters like dead space .

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after watching that unreal engine 5 tech demo im not hyped for other games .i want thatttt graphics

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its the best looking third person shooter easily .even better than control with ray tracing .
but metro exodus enhanced edition on pc is the king of graphics

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i hope they add ray tracing to pc and ps5 ports .

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wow .this is a cool happy month for gamers till the end of started with unreal 5 now this and e3 and state of play ....wowwwww.full of great news

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cyberpunk is like witcher 2 at its time.witcher 2 was so heavy for even best pcs at that time but not crysis level heavy .its the same story for cyberpunk .

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in the end of video it says with ray tracing its just like another game so it definetly worth it in his opinion and mine.

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at the start of a new console gen people expect a true next gen experience and crazy graphics more than anything i guess at least im like this .and this game is just a great showcase for next gen so this game is beyond my expectations .its a great game too

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this game is truly next gen but its draw distance is really crap.this draw distance problem must be solved at last this gen like spider man did .it just ruins games visuals like assassins creed unity or this cyberpunk. whats the point of making beautiful cities with terrible draw distance? watch dogs 3 and spider man on next gen are really great examples .

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its just another crysis .wow its really cool .i hope wither 3 remastered to use ray tracing to this extent too

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remasters are really cool i love them.its just in game media (if we can call it media )that we can see remasters .books films musics arts...dont have remasters like this.
esp this gen ray tracing can make a huge change in games. just look at quake 2 or minecraft with and without ray tracing.with ray tracing its another level of remastering the games its not just a polish its much more than that . ps3 games remastered for ps4 were cool but ps4 games to be remastered for ps5 with ray t...

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need for speed remasterdd

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good news that it has ray tracing
games without ray tracing are old gen games

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yes u must wait because ray tracing makes a huge differrence in this game
games with lots of buildings and windows change so dramatically with ray traced reflections and that makes them truly next gen games .spiderman and watch dogs are differnet games with ray tracing .

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