Mass Effect Afterthoughts - Beyond the galaxy with BioWare's epic RPG

EGM Staff writes:

"Mass Effect Project Director Casey Hudson likes tender conversations with aliens. And six-legged cows. No, he's not weird -- all of this is perfectly normal in BioWare's space RPG. We sat down with Hudson to find out more about this faraway galaxy."

"Casey Hudson is BioWare's project director for Mass Effect. Before that, he was the project lead on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic."

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Dashmoney1013984d ago

Im playin it for a 2nd time, it soooo good!

Charlie26883984d ago

I am almost finished with ME (going to the last planet) and I am LOVING the game, I am surprised the game was SO good specially considering I am not such a HUGE fan of western RPGS (at least the new ones since I have my collection of old ones)

waiting for ME2 :)

btw is it normal to have completed almost ALL side mission :P does that make me a ME whore? XD

THAMMER13984d ago

I am worse than you. Check my achievements.

Oh the shame. I raped a monkey

INehalemEXI3984d ago

Great game, I been playing it quite a bit lately.

Xbox is the BEST3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

what happened to Folklore?

KidMakeshift3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Folklore is definitely more unique

Bioware games are only fun when you play as a complete a$$hole really
I'm surprised my character isn't on Jerry Springer or being consulted by Dr. Phil

KidMakeshift3984d ago (Edited 3984d ago )

Needs patch

Along with KUF:CoD, and Uncharted

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