Visceral Montreal: CV Confirms New Army Of Two, Dead Space 3, Mystery Third Project

NowGamer: Rumoured sequels to Army of Two and Dead Space are being developed at EA's Montreal studio - as well as a mystery project - CV confirms.

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fastrez3562d ago

Another Army of Two? Is that really necessary?

SOD_Delta3562d ago

I liked the first Ao2. It was a fun co-op shooter that didn't take itself serious. As for the 40th day I didn't like that one. If the new one is more like the first sign me up!

Army_of_Darkness3562d ago

Dead space 3! :D Can't wait for it! Although, I really should finish the second dead space. Just waiting for the Guts to proceed I guess haha!

DA_SHREDDER3562d ago

This is good news, but I was hoping that they would be next gen launch titles :( I'm seriously done with this gen. Old tech is getting old.

vallencer3562d ago

Really? Because im honestly ok with not having to spend another 500-600 dollars on a system.

neutralgamer193562d ago

Did "Army of Two" even sell well enough for a sequel?

DevilishSix3561d ago

So is it a Visceral Game Studio or is it an EA studio? To me it makes a difference. I believe the first two Dead Space games were made out of the California Visceral studio under the EA umbrella, if it is not the same developers then it has failure written all over it and that would tick me off.

Rubberlegs3561d ago

EA Montreal worked on the Army of Two games. Visceral is still making the Dead Space games. Visceral is an EA studio, it used to be EA Redwood.

Raoh3561d ago

How does army of two which for the most part in the sense of popularity and sales continue to make releases without hate but sony titles get hate before their first games are released?

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