Dead Space 3 Deserves The Resident Evil 4 Remake Treatment

Dead Space 3 is undoubtedly the black sheep of the franchise, but a remake that takes notes from Resident Evil 4 could be a major improvement.

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-Foxtrot163d ago

The only way you can fix DS3 is if you told a completely different story meaning no over the top whacky plot with the giant moon, no over the top action with mostly human enemies and no co-op

This is why I’m banking on the remake so they’ll use these games as a way to change the awful direction the original trilogy took

EvertonFC163d ago

I hope I am wrong but callisto protocol will over shadow the remake imo. I can already see the gamers who havent played DS1 moaning its nothing on callisto protocol already.

Mobis-New-Nest162d ago

Also take away the in game microtransactions and give us a free season pass with story expansions. Gamer loyalty deserves rewards like that.

rlow1163d ago

I actually was bored with the game after awhile. It was (at least to me) not scary or suspenseful. A lot of predictability, enter X room and get attacked as soon as the music and sound effects kick in.

Making something new or a complete reimagining of the series would be nice. I liked the ship atmosphere, it had the vibe of, “Event Horizon “ with some “Aliens” thrown in for good measure.

Just tired of all the remakes

Terry_B163d ago

It makes sense to recreate great games. Dead Space 3?..Is something barely anyone ever called great. #nuffsaid

Crows90163d ago

Why remake the worst game?
I'd prefere dead space 2

CrimsonWing69163d ago

I think his thought process is to remake it and change what was bad about it so it could end up a “better” game.

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The story is too old to be commented.