5 Great Co-Op Games on Xbox Game Pass

Playing alongside loved ones is one of the great joys of gaming. From A Way Out to Overcooked 2, the Xbox Game Pass features multiple amazing entries if you are looking for great co-op experiences. Come check them out!

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Flawlessmic854d ago

Extraction is pretty good, just wish a few of my freinds had an xbox as i wouldve have enjoyed it wayyy more.


5 Years On, A Way Out Set A Co-Op Gaming Standard

Cultured Vultures: While Hazelight might have found even more success with It Takes Two, we shouldn't forget how game-changing A Way Out was.

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FallenAngel1984451d ago

A co-op only game should never be a standard

What works for one game shouldn’t suddenly be applied for most other games

MadLad451d ago

All they're saying is it set a standard for co-op games. Not games in general.

Though I'd say they already did that with their previous title Brothers: Tale of Two Sons.

FallenAngel1984451d ago

I meant other co-op games. Those other games should always consider singleplayer and multiplayer in their design

-Foxtrot451d ago

I don't know

I think co-op only games like this are good because it stops developers forcing in co-op into established franchises where it doesn't belong

gold_drake450d ago

im not sure if it set the "standard" of co op games.


PlayStation Plus Game Catalog lineup for March revealed

Highlights include Tchia, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, Ghostwire Tokyo and Immortals Fenyx Rising.

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-Mika-459d ago

Good month. I recommend PS users to download R6 Extraction. It is seriously a really fun and polished co-op game.

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zachyBROosevelt459d ago

Totally agree. The game got dragged in the review market but, get some friends together and it’s definitely worth a shot. It’s just as good with shooting mechanics as siege but no sweat lords to compete with

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Crows90459d ago

That's a crap ton of older good titles...some of which I never got to.

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poppatron459d ago

I’ve been holding out but I think when they start putting psvr 2 titles on there it’ll be my time to dive in

crazyCoconuts459d ago

I was thinking the same thing when I locked in on the deals they had during the last holiday season. I'm normally not a fan of subs but this was so cheap and the likelihood of them adding PSVR2 is pretty high imo. Hopefully within the next 6 months.

SullysCigar459d ago

It'll happen for sure at some point. They did OG PSVR titles on Plus before. Hopefully they'll be great games that flew under the radar, like The Light Brigade seems to be.

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