PAX East 2012: Bioware Speaks Out @ Mass Effect Panel

At this past weekend’s PAX East convention, Bioware held a Mass Effect panel where they faced their, uh, outspoken fans. Seated at the panel was moderated by Chris Priestly and featured Mike Gamble, Corey Gaspur, Patrick Weekes, John Dombrow, Reid Buckmaster. They began the panel by awkwardly acknowledging the current controversy involving Mass Effect 3′s ending and promised fans that they would continue to listen to and use player feedback. They also announced that an “extended” cut of the ending will be available for download (for free!) in the upcoming months.

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Godmars2903247d ago

Just sounds like damage control. Another instance of someone from the reviewer community being too close to the gaming community.

The ending had nothing to do with how a scene in the middle of the game was made. That the ending comes off as having nothing to do with the rest of the game, exists in contradiction to the whole series, is the problem.

Mythicninja3247d ago

Thank you for understanding what amazingly so few who criticize the criticizers do

Xof3247d ago

Who are either idiots of the highest caliber or EA shills working damage control.

Christopher3246d ago

***Adding to the difficulty of the situation, they had to write both paragon and renegade story lines of those conversations.***

Yeah... No.

For 95% of the game, your renegade and paragon coversation options resulted in the same responses. This was completely different from ME1 and ME2, where the majority of conversations had very different responses.

Mythicninja3246d ago

Soooooo many bubbles......

On topic: haven't seen this pointed out yet, but you are quite right. More bubbles to your collection, sir!