HCKBlog Reviews Tales of Xillia

Hot on the heels of the Vasperia and Graces F, does the latest Tales game sizzle or fizzle?

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Snookies122381d ago

You had the character in a wheelchair in both your liked and disliked categories? What's the deal on that? Lol

hapychkn2381d ago

It was new and interesting, but ultimately lame.

Regent_of_the_Mask2381d ago

All the Tales games suck this gen (with Vesperia being the worst). At least Graces f improved on the battle system and even Xillia got 39/40 not to mention it was the most pre-ordered Tales game and the 2nd best selling game in Japan.

Hicken2380d ago

So one of the games Tales fans raved about the most(Vesperia) was actually the worst, and despite rave reviews and good sales for all the other games, they actually suck, too? And we're just supposed to take your word for it?

Yeah, okay.

hapychkn2380d ago

Well, sales figured don't necessarily point to whether a game is good or not. Take a look at FFXIII... big sales, and post people agree that it wasn't so good.

Two_Sheds_Jackson2381d ago

this review is way too harsh

rpgfan gave the game a 95 and that is saying something

hapychkn2381d ago

I just read that review. Seems that he hasn't played Ni no Kuni yet, which beats Xillia in almost every way... scratch that- it DOES beat Xillia in every way, doing everything much better. Graphically, it makes Xillia look like a muddy mess. Check for my review in the next issue of GameFan. Take a step back at what Famitsu and RPGFan thought of Xillia and take a look at what the fan reaction was in Japan... BAM! Sold big out the door, and then fell off. Used prices for the game plummeted as people simply got rid of it and game stores didn't want it because it doesn't sell now that the cat was out of the bag.

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