Bandai Namco Having a Big Tales Series Sale This Weekend

If you're looking to round out your collection of Tales series games, this weekend might be the perfect opportunity, as several of them are going on sale.

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DivineAssault 443d ago

The need to port vesperia to the PS4

ZeroX9876442d ago

he meant in english

a full HD remaster would be nice!

iofhua443d ago

Tales of Xilia is awesome. The best one I've played so far.

Cyprien443d ago

When Is the sale? Everything is full price.

DivineBliss442d ago

Looks like this article was posted after the sale was already over.

zacfoldor443d ago

Berseria is a great game, underrated.

phoenixwing442d ago

I think it's the best in the series

FallenAngel1984442d ago

The whole series seems underrated