Top 5 Best Tales Of Games

The Tales of games are among the best JRPG's you can play! There are several released games under the Tales of banner so far. So which 5 are the best of the rest? Give a look at this list and see if your top 5 matches!

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PhoenixUp2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Such an awesome series Tales of is. Xillia was also my introduction into the series

I still can't believe you put Rays on here though

DivineAssault 2466d ago

No vesperia or abyss? I disagree with this list except for berseria

NewMonday2464d ago

Vesperia is my clear #1

great story, main character, music, the cell shaded art is still better than low level 3D they have been using since, battle system is 2nd only to Graces.

scorpio_20492464d ago (Edited 2464d ago )

I still think Phanstasia is the best. I have fond memories of playing it back around 2001 in high school. Completely drew me in. I’ve also played Destiny, Eternia, Abyss, Symphonia and Vesperia. Vesperia would be a second to Phantasia and then Symphonia.

I still love the simplicity of Phantasia’s characters. The characters in the subsequent games became parodies of anime characters.

DarkZane2464d ago

For me, it's Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia, Graces F and Xillia in no particular order.

Lovable2464d ago

Tales of Graces has the best battle system out of all of them. Story kinda meh though. lol

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Tales Of Graces Ƒ Retro Review – Holding Out For a Hero

Gary Green said: Namco Bandai heard the call of many fans asking for the PlayStation release of Tales of Graces which was originally released seemingly exclusively for the Wii back in 2009. If you’re acquainted with the Tales series then Graces f won’t be something entirely new to you, yet if you’re a newcomer then you’ll find a plethora of gameplay mechanics and nuances that distinguish this series from other JRPGs. While the game finds itself following the traditional archetype of JRPGs, such as a somewhat clichéd story, Graces has something to offer to both veterans and newcomers alike.

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GoodGuy0964d ago

Odd this and the xillia games still haven't gotten remasters yet.


Beloved Tales Of Character Designer Mutsumi Inomata Has Passed Away

Today it was announced that the gaming and anime industry has lost another beloved artist and creator. Mutsumi Inomata has passed away.

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banger8893d ago

The Tales Of series are some of the best RPGs I've ever played, and the characters are a big reason for that. I don't think I played a single game in the series that I didn't enjoy. Rest in peace.

Snookies1293d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Damn, that sucks to hear... His designs were always wonderful.

H993d ago

RIP, sheade some great designs, man it's one after the other this year

FinalFantasyFanatic92d ago

We're 3 months into the year and I feel like we're taking nothing but L's.

autobotdan93d ago

Wow she was the character designer for Tales of Destiny one of my favorites of all time =(

scorpio_204993d ago

I love the Tales games. Phantasia