Top 5 Best Tales Of Games

The Tales of games are among the best JRPG's you can play! There are several released games under the Tales of banner so far. So which 5 are the best of the rest? Give a look at this list and see if your top 5 matches!

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PhoenixUp423d ago (Edited 423d ago )

Such an awesome series Tales of is. Xillia was also my introduction into the series

I still can't believe you put Rays on here though

DivineAssault 423d ago

No vesperia or abyss? I disagree with this list except for berseria

NewMonday421d ago

Vesperia is my clear #1

great story, main character, music, the cell shaded art is still better than low level 3D they have been using since, battle system is 2nd only to Graces.

scorpio_2049421d ago (Edited 421d ago )

I still think Phanstasia is the best. I have fond memories of playing it back around 2001 in high school. Completely drew me in. I’ve also played Destiny, Eternia, Abyss, Symphonia and Vesperia. Vesperia would be a second to Phantasia and then Symphonia.

I still love the simplicity of Phantasia’s characters. The characters in the subsequent games became parodies of anime characters.

DarkZane421d ago

For me, it's Symphonia, Abyss, Vesperia, Graces F and Xillia in no particular order.

Lovable421d ago

Tales of Graces has the best battle system out of all of them. Story kinda meh though. lol

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The story is too old to be commented.