3 Worst Gaming Systems EVER, & One to Consider

Jessy from NAGF writes "Gaming systems have been around since the early 80s. Since then there have been many successful systems like Nintendo, Atari, Sega and Sony – and a few unsuccessful systems that any gamer would be embarrassed to admit they had played.
Sometimes gamers can get so caught up in the latest video gaming systems that they forget about how truly bad some of the systems have been. Here’s a look at some of the worst systems ever produced for the gaming market – and one system any gamer should consider purchasing."

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come_at_me_bro2570d ago

Skimming this article, I swore they were suggesting the PS3 was one of the bad ones...

Jdoki2570d ago

This list needs to include the Virtual Boy. A completely un-portable portable gaming device that induced headaches, had almost zero third party support, and only a handful of games

vikingland12570d ago

The sad thing is I actually had a Virtual Boy. You just made me remember EYE strain and headaches.LOL

simonm2570d ago

god some of these are absolute shockers!

t0mmyb0y2570d ago

Whoa. The PS3 "...even has an interactive feature that allows players to play with other players in the game."


Stansolo2570d ago

Ha,ha is this just putting the PS3 as the best console ever? Sounds like a fan boy to me.
Who cares what was rubbish back then, thing is the not so good gaming systems back then collectors pay the earth for them now.

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